Wednesday, December 5, 2012


Born in Chicago Illinois, Kenneth “Lil Kaotik” Thomas is no ordinary hip hop artist. This kid is multi-talented beyond his years, especially when it comes to putting pen to paper. This young hip hop artist is an extraordinary writer as well as actor. When asked about his future goals,
Lil Kaotik said, “I want to be the youngest hip hop artist to write their own album”, which is to be commended. 
Currently, Lil Kaotik’s education takes precedence in everything he does, getting great grades and accolades in school while performing all over the city in various showcases, talent shows, plays and movies is just what he envisioned when he was only five-years-old; lately, many people in the entertainment industry are taking notice as he works diligently to perfect his craft. Everyone is asking, who is this kid? That is definitely the question to ask because Lil Kaotik is well on his way to success. “We invite you to follow him on his journey.” as seen on Creative Breaks Workshop website.
Lil Kaotik recently appeared in Demi Lobo’s Demi Neutron Music Video and recently secured roles in a movie, “It’s A Hard knock Life” (set to complete filming in September 2012) and a play, “Broken Windows” (set to debut November 2012) as one of the main characters. 
During his FanCall, he had a message to his fans...

We also invited his mom to speak. Here is what Momma K had to say....


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