Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Yung Incredible Fancalls

Win a Call from Yung Incredible Wednesday April 10, 2013.

Want to Win A Call from @YungIncredible on Wednesday April 10, 2013? We're looking for his #1 fan and we are going to call her with Brandon J on the line. Who wants this call? It's simple tell us what makes you his #1 fan and name your favorite song by him. Make sure you are following @YungIncredible and @fancalls. Tell us your first name, Twitter name, state you live in and your age. This contest starts NOW and ends tomorrow at 6pm EST. The winner will be announced at 7pm EST and you have one hour to get in contact with us. We will tweet the winner and dm her with more detiails. Please leave your comments in the section below and good luck to all.


Serena Gordon said...

1. Serena
2. @_NeverScripted
3. Florida
4. 16

Keke said...

3.North Carolina

Keke forgot to said...

Favorite song: Do yo dance & I'm his number one fan because i've been listeningto Yung Incredible for two years and still supporting him til this day.

Essence said...

3.North Carolina
My favorite song by Yung Incredible is In The Car (Party Man)and Back it Up.
Im his number 1 fan because I know all his music.Give mme a song and I could rap it straight through.Adlibs and everything.Lol.I watch his videos over and over and over and over.And I always promote new videos on Twitter.I even lost some followers bc of that Lol.He's so humble and knows I've been there from day 1.I know he's gonna get really big soon.I legit play his songs everyday throughout school.I tell my friends about him alll the time Lol.I still get so excited when he mentions me even tho we're homiess! Even when he made that video about me I cried Lol.He's just so sweet and I love him soooo much even tho we beefing right now haha.Everytime I listen to him I just get turnt up and blast it! Lol most of all i'm a fan because hes talented. #TeamIncredible (: