Monday, May 27, 2013


Join us for Fancalls with B5 on May 30

On May 30 join us for LIVE Fancalls with B5. The entire group will here: Dustin, Patrick, Kelly, Carnell and Bryan. They will be taking your calls at 9:30pm Eastern Standard Time. Ten Lucky Fans will win a chance to receive a phone call from one of the members on that same night.

Everyone loves B5! and we know this. As we celebrate the return of B5 and their brand new hit #SayYes, we are conducting FIVE contests at the same time. One for each member of the group. So if you have a favorite please click on that member's name to go to that page to cast your entry. Please make sure to READ ALL THE RULES and follow the simple directions. You can only enter ONCE. There are FIVE CONTEST, you can only enter ONE! Double entries will be disqualified! We will call 10 fans in total. Each member of B5 will be connected to 2 fans each. Each call will last 3 minutes. The winners will be chosen from the entries here on our website. B5 has agreed to answer other random incoming calls. Those callers will also be chosen from the entries here on the website. The only way in is to ENTER the contest. Say Yes! to #B5Fancalls. Good Luck to all

Enter one contest only:

Check out B5's new single Say Yes!

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Fancalls said...

This contest is now over good luck to all the contestants! Thank you