Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Coriano Gipson Best Calls Of the Night

Major shout out to Coriano Gipson. During his #Fancalls tonight he sang Happy Birthday to Breanna

We had a great time talking to Coriano Gipson on Fancalls. Here are a few of our favorites and the entire Interview and Fancalls with Coriano. We #Salute Coriano and #TeamGipson for coming through to fancalls. Please come back again!

The Best Call of the night goes to @Acesourpatchkid. She said "That was free"

Coriano's message to the fans! 

 Coriano's thoughts on Fancalls 

 When asked by Ms Elaine to sing Happy Birthday for Breanna, Coriano Gipson didn't think twice. "Oh yes, I'd love to sing it." and here it go....................

Happy Birthday Breanna from Coriano Gipson and Fancalls!!

If you want to hear Coriano's complete #Fancalls click here!

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Fancalls said...

Happy Birthday Breanna!!!!!!