Friday, May 3, 2013

Jamal Vazquez #WinaCall Contest

Attention all Jamalators. Saturday May 4th is Jamal Vazquez day and we are celebrating him by doing LIVE Fancalls.

What are Fancalls? That's an easy enough question. We are a company that offers fans an opportunity to talk to their favorite artists, youtube personalities and or celebrities. We make, receive and answer calls from the fans and connect them to the artist of the day. On Saturday, we celebrate and promote Jamal Vazquez and are offering all the Jamalators a chance to #WinaCall from him. There are 2 ways to win.

Option #1
1. Go to his website and pick your favorite video. Place that link in the comment section below and tell us why that is your favorite.
2. Tell us what it is about Jamal that you love the most.
3. The first 10 fans to leave a comment will get their call answered.
4. ONE fan that leaves the BEST, most interesting comment will receive a Phone Call from JAMAL
on Saturday.
5. This option GUARANTEES that your call will be answered (the first 10 fans)
6. Leave your comment in the section below and give us your FIRST name, your Twitter name and the state you live in. If you do not have a google account, please click the small arrow where it says "Comment as" and select 'Anonymous' and then click 'Publish'
7. Please make sure that you are following Jamal and Fancalls on Twitter. We will dm you details if you are the Winner in order to get your phone number.
The winner will be announced on Twitter on Saturday at 2pm Eastern Standard Time/ 1pm Central. No answers will be accepted on Twitter and double entries are disqualified.
8. International fans please connect with us via Skype at 'mymagazine'

Option #2
1. Call our dedicated phone number 215-383-5057 at 3:15PM Eastern Standard Time/ 2:15PM Central and have your call randomly answered. This option does not guarantee that YOUR call will be answered. If time allows we will answer as many fancalls as we can

This contest starts NOW and is over tomorrow at 12pm Eastern Standrad Time/11am Central. Good luck to all the Jamalators. Now let's be Motivated!