Wednesday, May 8, 2013

TyCun Fancalls

Shout out to TyCun who came through to Fancalls to talk with his fans. Here is the complete fancall and interview

Fancall and Interview


Fancalls said...

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Sarah said...

This is my favorite. Its my ringtone for everything. I love Tycun he is just a great rapper. I know for a fact hes going somewhere in life no matter what goodluck in life. Ill see u around anyways(:

Jose Rivera said...

Ayo, this is Jose Rivera (@WhiteBoyWonderr) and this is my favorite TyCun song.
Why? Simple, because everyone has their weak moments. I'm going through some tough stuff right now and this song gives me the modulation to power through any problem I have because it lets me know I'm not the only one going through problems. Me and TyCun, we are very similar in these situations. Thank you.

Fancalls said...

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1callmedayday1 said... this is my favorite song by TyCun because I love the beat nd the way he raps . He is the type of person that don't let no one put him done he keep his head up he does not care about the haters they are helping him get where he needs to get he know that he is doing good nd he is getting places I love you TyCun !!!! 😘😍

_Shundree.x0♡□ said... i love this song because i like how he tells the truth and i also like how the beat is it gets me going. i love TyCun because he has an awsome personality and he dont let no hater get in his way. i love how he raps and i love his style. i Love u TyCun♥♥