Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Trevante Win A Call Contest

Trevante is coming to Fancalls on Friday June 14! Want to Win A Call from him?

Congratulations to FALLY (@SimpleeFally). She was the Winner of the Trevante #WinaCall Contest. Listen to their conversation in the video below.

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The Official Rules for the Trevante #WinaCall Contest are below!
Here are the rules. Please make sure you have read all the rules and answered everything listed below before clicking the 'post' button. 
1. Tell us your first name, your twitter name and what state/country you live in
2. Tell us the last 4 digits of the phone number you will call in from (we can ONLY see the last 4 digits of your number on our switchboard).
3. Watch the video below and tell us what your favorite part is.
4. Tell us what would you say to Trevante if you had a chance to talk to him.
6. Follow Trevante on Twitter and Fancalls 

The winner will be announced on Twitter Friday at 7pm Eastern Standard Time. We will DM you details in order to obtain your phone number.
Answer all of the above and post it in the section below. Please make sure you have all the information in your comment before you click 'post'. This contest starts June 11 and is over June 14 at 6pm Eastern Standard Time. NO EXCEPTIONS!!!

*****Double entries or additional entries by the same person will disqualify your entry. There will be ONE WINNER who will receive a call from Willie tomorrow night. Willie will also answer other incoming calls for 30 minutes. All calls will be randomly selected from the entries here in this contest. Good luck to all. USA, LLC


Melissa said...

- Melissa from NY ( @cupcakee_21 )
- 4529
- I love the whole song because of the energy it brings out when I was watching it and I like the dancers!
- If I get a chance to talk to Trevante I would ask who and what inspired him to do music... and I would tell him that I love his voice.!

Sierra said...

1.) Sierra, MetaphorBee, Chicago/United States
3.) My Favorite Part Was The Part When The Music Slowed Down And He Was With The Girl On The Wall And They Were Together.
4.) If I Had The Chance To Talk To Him, First I Would Probably Spazz Out A Little. Then I Would Ask Him If He Had The Opportunity To Make A Song With Any Artist, Dead Or Alive, Who Would It Be And Why. After That, I Would Ask Him What's His Next Move In Music. Finally, I Would Just Mention That I Love Him.

Christinew Wright said...




My fav part of the video is the whole video says how he want a girl be he just like how the girl is just the way she is bad how he like much i love his music how i like him as a peron


Name:mercedes twittername:worldofmindless state:Chicago, il last4digits:3213 i love everythin bout the song i love wen he tellin the gurl to come here live seein his song play on 106nparkn he have in amazing voice i wish i was that was me n the video tellin me yo come here i love everything think he do i have the shirt he gave me on rit noww wen he put me on stage n been tellin him to do fancalls n am been tellin him to do fancalls n im so happy he doin it i would love to be co host

Adrianna said...

-Adrianna from Chicago (@PrimoPringle

-My Favorite part of the video is when he says "My name is TreVante and i'm a singeeer"

- If i got a chance to talk to TreVante i would tell him his voice is really a gift that people will kill for! i will also ask him what happened to Lil' Jiffy! i might even tell him how i feel in love with him . . .

☯Overdosed ||| said...

1. Fally - @SimpleeFally - Georgia
3. Honestly? I love the whole concept of the video that I can't actually choose a favorite part. I love the whole feel of it and the vibe that it pulls off. It's just like an whole up beat type of song, the choreography is great and the music is all amazing. It just shows his potential and allows others who had turned a blind eye to see it as well. I could choose a favorite part but and the end of the day I love the whole video, and every part is my favorite.

4. I would tell him that I'm proud of him and how much he has accomplished over the years, and even though I don't tweet him as much as I used to I will always support him and I've always have, and I can't wait to everything thing else on the way. I'm just honestly proud.

Breana said...

Breana ( @yesitsbre__ )
My Fav Part Is The WHOLE Video. It's Hard To Pic A Favorite Part.
If I Have A Chance To Talk To Tre I'd Tell Him That I Still Love Him & Will FOREVER Be Apart Of TrevanteNation