Saturday, June 8, 2013

WIllie Taylor Calls Brittany

Our Win A Call Contest is over and Brittany (@Prettyn_Red) who says she is WIllie Taylor's #1 fan was the winner. Congratulations Brittany!

Here is her entry
My name is Brittany Nicole...known on Twitter as Prettyn_Red...I am From Louisiana; USA... my last 4 digits are 1479... Honestly its hard to chose just one song that's my favorite because as a true fan, I love everything he does. but two of my absolute favorites are Sex Conversation, because I love hearing him sing in my ear as I fall asleep at night and I have to say I LOVE "If it wasn't for you" from his Day26 days...that song has gotten me through a lot of rough days. Especially recently when my mother passed. That song brings me to tears because the words are so true. The sexiest thing about Willie has always been his body but most of all his smile. His smile will bring any woman to their knees because its just oh so handsome. If I were to talk to him, I would tell him how much I love him as an artist and I am his #1 fan. I have followed him since MTB4 and when he was in Day26, I bought the albums just for him. I also want to tell him thank you for his music. Its very inspiring and I just love to hear him sing. It moves my heart and captures my soul. I absolutely adore Willie Taylor and I am absolutely his biggest fan! No matter if I win the call or not, I hope he sees this so he can know that his music has gotten me through a really tough time in my life and for that I will forever be greatful!!

Brittany say HELLO to Willie Taylor!