Sunday, July 14, 2013

Keanu Fancalls

Fancalls with Keanu July 9, 2013. Did you get a chance to talk to him?

Justin “Keanu” Karim was born in New York City on March 18, 1995. He realized his skill and began writing raps and recording in Elementary School. He originally named himself “J-Kar” which represented Justin Karim and later changed his name to Keanu (his middle name). He has self produced and written three CD’s titled, “J-Kar” “The New Kid”, “Just Killin All Rappers”. Justin’s second album “The New Kid” was sold on iTunes in 2009. He sold these projects to friends and family but his buzz was increasing heavily. Keanu’s latest mixtape, “Top Of The World” features multiple well-known artists such as YMCMB’s own Lil Chuckee, Issa of Jive Records, Rev Runs son Jojo Simmons, Darnell Robinson of the MTV show “Sweet 16”, Remo The Hitmaker Of DTP Records, Tami Roman’s daughter Jazz, Tokyo, Mega Eli and more. Keanu recently completed a video in L.A. with Jazz for his single “Cali Girl”. His video for “I Got Lots” Remix featuring Lil Chuckee, Darnell Robinson & Jojo Simmons will drop in January of 2013. Keanu is currently writing lyrics and producing beats for various artists. His creative talents also include music production, graphic design, photography, video editing and he is also working on his own shirt line, which is available in the Keanu Shop. Check out his website here.

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