Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Nick Mara Fancalls

Nick Mara is on Fancalls this Sunday!!

Are you a Nick Mara Fan? Well you will not want to miss this FANCALL. He will on be our phone line on Sunday October 6, 2013.

If you want a chance to talk to Nick follow the directions below.
1. Please tell us your first name
2. Tell us what your Twitter name is
3. Tell us where you live
4. If you had a chance to talk to Nick, what would you ask him. You must post the exact question you want to ask.
5. You must be following @TheRealNickMara and @Fancalls on Twitter and 'Like' his Facebook Page
We will open 400 phone lines and will be streaming online on Blogtalk Radio. We will release the link for his Fancalls on Sunday morning.

Call into 646-929-1325 on Sunday at 4pm EST, 3pm Central, 1pm PST and 6pm UK time. If your time zone is not listed please shoot us a tweet using the hashtag #NickMaraFancalls   

Before you click the post button make sure you have all the information listed above in your comment.
Double entries (more than one comment from the same person) will disqualify you.
Please make sure to have any questions for him ready when we answer your call.
The sign up ends October 5 at midnight est.

Calls will be answered from the entries below ONLY!!

Are you 'Love Struck' for Nick? If so you will not miss his Fancalls


Victoria said...

New Jersey
What does it feel like to be such and inspiration to so many people world wide and to know you changed most of their lives?

Jeannie said...

1. Jeannie (Genie)
2. @jeannieemai
3. Las Vegas, Nevada
4. If you weren't famous, like you are now, what would you be doing?
5. Followed All & Liked.

Erika c: said...

1. Erika
2. @ErikaaMara_
3. Santa Clarita , CA
4.Questions i would ask Nick (My Babe ;D) areee ;
1. What's your favorite dancing song ?
2. Would you go to formal with me ? /-\ lol im being serious xD
3. What are you most grateful for ?
4. Have you ever had any sort of feelings for a fan ? ;o
5. If you can have any super power what would it be ?
6. Who's the biggest supporter of your success in your family ?
7. What inspires you to dance ?
5. I follow alll c:

Avery said...

3.Fort Lauderdale, Florida
4.Favorite Disney Movie ? Do you miss being in school ? Haha

#GRANDer said...

1. Sofia.
2. @Chofu2b1 - #GRANDer
3. Argentina - Rosario
4. What do you feel when you dance?
5. All ready follow all :)

Gladys said...

4)Whats the hardest thing you've ever done? Most embarrassing moment?
5)Follow both but don't have a Facebook

IlyNickCarterMara❤ said...

1. Kylie @. @IlyNickMara 2. Lima Ohio, USA 4. how excited are you about turning 16? 5. I follow all :)

monse said...

1. monse
2. @LealHotma
3. Mèxico
4. that is what most inspires you to dance
5. I follow All

ⓟⓐⓘⓖⓔ said...

1. Paige 2. @nickmacklemara 3. Granite City, Illinois 4. If I could ask Nick a question it would be What inspired you to start taking up acting and singing along with dancing?
5. Already follow all

♡Andrea♡ said...

3.Eagle Pass,Texas
4.Can You Do A Charity Event In Texas & What Other Career Would You Want To Do Besides The One You Already Have?
5. I Follow All :)

Jessica Morales said...

If i would to ask nick a question i would ask him who inspires him to dance luke who does he look up to?
Im already following c:

Jakie Herrera said...

1.) Jakie
2.) @illest_alamia
3.)Stephens City Virginia
4.) How do you balance school and your career, and what's it like knowing you've helped people get over things like suicide and cutting?
5.) I'm following all ^.^

Jessica Morales said...

1Jessica morales
3anaheim ,california
4if i would to ask nick a question i would ask what inspires him to dance like who does he look up to?
5im already following

Corrina Cortez said...

1.Corrina Cortez 2.@CorrinaCortez 3.California

Antonia Tucker said...

1. Antonia Tucker
2. x0_Antonia
3. Boston, MA
4. Will you ever come to Boston ? What is your biggest pet peeve ?
5. I follow both

Alessa Fernandez said...

1. Alessa
2. @alessafern
3. Manila, Philippines
4. How does it feel knowing you saved peoples lives thru your dances?

Pali_Abrahamer said...

1- Paloma 2- @PalOner2 3- Argentina 4 - Since when do you like to dance? 5- I Follow All :)

Genesis Torres said...

1) Genesis
2) gen_genesis
3)New York City, Manhattan
4)When will he have the opportunity to teach a class in NYC ?:D

Caroline said...

1. Caroline
2. @KaroleOfficial
3. Lithuania, Panevėžys (Panevezys)
4. Is it possible to become famous dancer in a small country like Lithuania and make a career to the USA?
5. Did it :))

Alivia Provost said...

1. Alivia
2. @_aliviaprovost
3. New York
4. I would ask nick, what makes you happy the most?
5. Follow all, and liked

Destyne said...

Name: Destyne Twitter: destyneexox Location: Minnesota
I have a ton of questions for Nick! Ive supported Nick since ABDC and am still supporting him. He made the decsion to leave ICONic Boyz and am still here. I havent met Nick yet but this phone call would mean alot if i cant ever meet him. I love Nick to the moon and back. So i hope i win this fan call if not the thats okay(: good luck to everyone

Mireia said...

1. Mireia
2. @beaiconiac
3. Barcelona
4. Why did you leave the ICONic Boyz? Because the group was separated?

5. I follow all.

Javi Maguida Villarroel said...

1. javiera
2. @javi_tobeone
3. chile
4. I would make a dream come true to speak with a stronger voice when I feel his breath talk ho my God, I say hello and that would be a dream come true
5. follow all

alaysha said...

1. Alaysha
2. @alaysha_always
3. Lancaster, PA
4. If i could Ask Nick A Question It Would Have To Be What Keeps U Motivated To Keep Doing What your doing And What Do U Like Most About Your Career
5. Follow All

chelsea said...

1. Chelsea
2. @jdbmara
3. London, Uk
4. If you were me, what questions would you be asking?
5. I follow all

Nikkie Mara said...

1) Name: Nikkie
2) Twitter: @NikkieMara
3) Lives: Leesburg, Virginia
4) My question would be, How would you describe all your fans in one word?
5) Already followed and liked :)

Maria Jose Hernandez said...

1: maria
2: @mariajose_2000
3: venezuela
4: I want to ask when will come to latin america

5: i follow and like

Darrah Renee said...

1) My name is Darrah
2) My twitter is@itsdaaaar_xo
3) I live in South Jersey
4) The question I would like to ask Nick Mara is where is your favorite place to travel? 5) Followed

Mélanie said...

1. Mélanie2. @Melanie0724
3. Orléans, France
4. What your fans mean to you ? Where do you want to go ? Do you think you can come to Europe for see us ?
5. I follow and like

Kristen Renee Evans said...

1.Kristen 2.NiallLover1010 3.Catlettsburg,Ky 4.I would ask him what inspired him to become a wonderful dancer 5.I follow both of you and liked the facebook page

Mara said...

1. Mara

2. @maraibiza23

3. Albacete, Spain.

4. Will do you any tours or something similar by Spain soon? I hope yes because I would love to see you soon hahaha.

5. I follow all !

Brianna said...

1.brianna 2.littlebriannna 3.california,el centro 4. How do you have so much confidence? How can I keep from breaking down from all the negative comments? 5. Yes follow all of course 💕 I mean your giving me a chance to solve my problems and talk to nick!! Of course I'm going to follow both! Okay well thanks for this opportunity!

Gabriela Chacon said...

1. Gabriela

2. @ gavyy_

3. Mexico, Federal District

4. What would it feel to be Nick Mara?

5. I follow all

Yoneliz_vega said...

1) Yoneliz
4)Have you achieved any big goals that you had or if not what are they?
5) I follow all!

Anna Fratella☁ said...

1) Anna
2) @Anna_Bear143
4) How does it feel to be the reason why some people haven't committed? Including mine.
5)I already do. :)

Super Kat said...

1) Kat
2) @Kit_Kat143
3) Sacramento, California
4) If I were to ask Nick a question it would have to be, 'How does it feel to have inspired so many people and was that your goal (to inspire people)?
5) yeaupperzz roo :)

Samantha said...

Who Made you ant to start dancing and what is it like to be known around the world
i follow both and like his page:)

kaaal said...

1. Kyanna

2. @zaynpizza

3. Seattle, Washington

4. Who would you want to collaborate with (dance,acting, or singing wise) and why?

5. I already like & follow! :)

Guest said...

1. Kyanna
2. @zaynpizza
3. Seattle, Washington
4. Who would you want to collaborate with (dance,acting, or singing wise) and why?
5. I already like & follow :)

♡Monica♡ said...

1. Monica
2. @M_Maraa
3. Houston, Texas
4.How does it feel to know you saved people's lives and that you're reason Why some people are still alive? How do you feel about self harm & suicide? I'd probably just tell him how much of an impact he's made on my life. How proud I am of him and how big of an inspiration he is to me and to thank him for everything he's done and is doing for all of us. I'd just want to let him know that he's the reason I'm still hanging on and that he saved me life.
5. Followed & liked (:

Jia said...

New Zealand
Is this your dream job?
I follow all

CHACHI said...

1.shantel 2.@fiesty_chachi 3.bridgeport,CT 4.what has your experience been like so far? would you ever go back to the iconic boyz? do you sometimes miss your boyz?shoutout,and followS. 5.i follow both and I don't have a fb sorry.

Mikey's Bae♡ said...

1. Carmen
2. @YourGirlCarmen
3. Las Vegas, NV
4. If I could ask Nick anything it would have to be, um, when was the last time you saw/talked/or texted the other boyz? And how did you handle not getting to work ~dance~ with the boyz anymore?
5. I errady follow and like.;)

alexia said...

1. Alexia
2. @HolyKidrauhl
3. Pennsylvania
4. What advice do you have for someone who aspires to be just like you? And which of your upcoming projects are you most excited for?
5. I follow both and liked the page.
Thank you for this opportunity :))

Allison~KC 3/15/13 said...

1. Allison (:
2. @ICONiac4evaa
3. Olathe,Ks
4. What is it like knowing you've changed thousands of peoples lives? or Do you even consider yourself as "famous"?
5. Gladly following both pages already (:

~Thank you for this opportunity (:

Gaby said...

1. Gaby
4.If you could perform with any entertainer that has ever lived who would it be?
5.follow all and my friend Victoria love you and look up to you so much!

Nathalie vega said...

1. Nathalie
2. @NathalieV28
3. Sonoma, California
4. I would ask him, if he ever thought he would make it this far? And what other plans does he have? And also if he is ever coming back to the Bay Area?
5. I follow all

Claudia† said...

3: Phoenix, AZ
4:how do you balance school & your busy career & if he plans on coming to Arizona anytime soon?
5:following both & liked his page(:

thank you fancalls for this opportunity

Luisa Castronovo said...

1. Luisa
2. @perfectionovo
3.Chicago, Illinois
4. A birthday shoutout and does it get hard; Having to be traveling all the time, not getting to settle down into a relationship, does it get lonely and/or depressing?
5. I follow all

Becca said...

1. Becca
2. UKICOniacBecca
3. London England
4. if you didnt start dance what career would you think you would be doing when you got older
5. and following all them:)

Bethany said...

1. Bethany
2. @fuscosmile
3. San Diego, California
4. i just want the chance to tell him how much of an impact he made on my life and how grateful i am for him and also how it makes him feel to know he saved lives
5. i follow all

Perla Elizabeth said...

1. Perla
2. @FrantastcMiceli
3. Winchester, Virginia
4. If I had a chance to talk to Nick I'd ask him what he is most thankful for so far in his career? And what his plans are for the future.
5. I follow both and like the page! (:

Olivia said...

3. Seattle, Washington
4. Out of everything you've accomplished so far, what are you most proud of? And if you could go to anyone's concert for free, who's would you go to?
5. I follow all

Shemilaaa3x said...

shemila my twitter is @shemilaaa3x i live in florida and if i were to talk to nick i would ask him how does it feel knowing that your the reason some teens are alive today including myself?

Anaïs =) ♥ #7Days said...

1. Anais
2. @annie_jennyxoxo
3. Trinidad and Tobago (In the Caribbean)
4. My question: Will you be visiting or do you have plans to visit the international Homies who have been supporting you from the starr of your career? We all really want to meet you really badly! :)
5. Follow all and i dont he a fb account bt if I did Id def like it because Nick is perfect and amazing :)

☁️H e i d i☁️ said...

1. Heidi
3. Orange, California
4. I would ask him how does it feel like knowing your the reason many people are still alive because of you? What's your thoughts on self harm? How do you feel knowing some of your fans self harm? How is your EP & movie going? How was the ASPCA Benefit concert? Who is someone you would like to collaborate on a song with? If you could go back in time and re live something what would it be and Why? And Anything New Your working on? And could u possibly follow me on Instagram?;)
5. I follow all & like his page already(:

Thank you so much for this opportunity! It would really mean the world if I got a fan call from nick & ask him the question especially the first couple! Hope I get the call(:

Jaslyn said...



3.Chicago, IL

4. If I had a chance to talk to Nick I would ask him how it was like being in a commercial for Hasbro and if he owns the bop it Tetris? has he seen the commercial he was in on tv? I would also ask him how filming is going for his new film Freeman Velocity. I went all the way to New York from Chicago to support Nick at an event he was performing at this summer and it was a day I would never forget! Me and my friends (morlaesxvaughns and yaypendery) made a video for nick to show how much we support him! I hope I'm able to win the fan call with Nick! :)
5. Following!

Melissa said...

1. Melissa 2. @avonspraised 3. Los Angeles, California 4.Do you think all people are equally valuable, or do you think some people in certain situations might be more valuable than others (say, a severely retarded patient vs. a doctor who could potentially save hundreds of lives)?

Ashley said...

My name is Ashley, my twitter is @StayICONicGRAND and I live in Guttenberg,NJ. If I could ask Nick questions they would be:
1. What is your favorite Chris Brown music video and why?
2. What's a funny prank you have pulled on your brothers?
3. Can you please follow me on instagram music_doesnt_sleep? (:
4. What's you favorite type of car?
5. Favorite tv show?
6. What is something you do to cheer you up when you are upset?
7. What app on your phone do you use the most?

I follow both on twitter and I like Nick's fan page on Facebook.
I would really like this fan call because even though I live in NJ I still haven't been able to meet him and I would at least like a call from him (:

Lizza Styles said...

1. Lizza
2. @itslizzahunterr
3. St. Louis, Missouri
4. First off I would tell nick how he saved my life and how he stopped me from harming myself. Then I'd ask him; 'What is your favorite thing to do on your free time.' And 'When are you thinking about doing a workshop around Missouri again?' And 'What is your all time favorite movie?'

Selena said...

1. My name is Selena.
2. itsSelena_booo
3. Connecticut
4. When will you ever come to Connecticut? What do you prefer inside of your taco?
5. Following! Thank you for this beautiful opportunity, by the way.

Leila Saldania said...

4.the question I would ask him is: how does he feel knowing he's the reason his fans are still here/alive?
5.followed and liked

Izabella said...

1. Izabella
2. @wtfitsizzy
3. Auckland, New Zealand
4. I would ask him what he thinks about his career and if he wasn't given the chance to go on ABDC what would he be doing right now? Also to see how he's doing.
5. I follow both and liked his facebook page

Maricruz❤ said...

1. My name is Maricruz.
2. My twitter username is @maricruzq15
3. I live in Santa Ana, California .
4. If I had a chance to talk to Nick, I would ask him how he feels of how much he has accomplished at such a young age and what he has in store for his fans? Also how do his fans inspire him to keep on following his dreams and making us happy. I'd love to thank him for changing my life because he inspired me to dance and watching his videos puts the biggest smile on my face because he dances with such a passion. Because of Nick I am a happier person I have a bigger smile on my face than I use to before he came into my life <3
5. I follow and like all the accounts.
Thanks for the opportunity! :)

Jadikey Fusco Alamia DiPippa M said...

1.Jadeline 2. @JadikeyFusco 3.Newburgh,NY 4.If i could ask Nick a question it would be how does it feel to inspire&save girls lives? 5.Followed&liked

Guest said...

Im Starlina Sanchez, @StarlinaXOXO on twitter and I'm from Southern California. I love Nick with all my heart he's honestly changed my life for the better. Ive been a fan since 2011 & had the blessing of meeting him on 8.17.13 I thank him for always keeping me strong. He means the world to me and i will continue to support him until the end. If I had ask him anything, I would ask him how does it feel being an inspiration and life saver to so many people and if he could follow my instagram :) also yes i do follow Nick & FanCalls on twitter.

Meg Wright said...

1.meg 2.megwright2 3. Gulfport ms 4. I would ask nick how his singing is going how it's like to meet his fans that he saved and does he have plans to go to mississippi! Nick saved me when I was going through family issues!! He made me strong!! It would be nice to let him know that!! 5. Following and liked:)

cristina delgado said...

hi my name is Cristina (@iconiashton) and I live in Miami, Florida. It would mean the world to me if I got a call from nick because I've never met hi and this would be the closest to it. I love him so much and if I could ask him anything it would be if he could perform anywhere where would it be and why? also what event has impacted his life and made him who he is today. and lastly if he's planning on coming to Miami soon. thank you bye!

Guest said...

1.meg 2.megwright2 3.gulpirt mississippi

mayela alba said...

1) Mayela 2) Mayela_2299 3) Sylmar,CA 4) if I could ask Nick any question it would be is it difficult to travel around the states and still have to go to school? Other then dancing what would you like to be when you're older? would you like to come with me to my first football game this Friday( lol its a joke unless you want to :) ) . also I would like to tell him that he's the reason why I'm still here well kinda 5) followed all and like.facebook page

Danielle said...

My name is Danielle my twitter is @l0velydanielle, I live in LA California and if i had a chance to talk to Nick I would ask him what inspired him to start acting and pursuing other opportunities in his career? If you weren't acting, dancing, and doing other opportunities what would you be doing right now? Yes I am following @TheRealNickMara and @FanCalls on Twitter :)

Janaé Smith said...

1.) Janaé
2.) @Too_GRAND_4_U
3.) Grand Blanc, Michigan
4.) What's your favorite childhood memory?
5.) Following :)

alexandra said...

1. Alexandra

2. twitter: @simpsonxmara
3. Bay Area, CA
4. These are the questions I'd love to ask him:
1) a lot of bay area fans are wanting you to come back here and have an event, is there a possibility you'll be coming back to the bay area when all your recent events are over (like the aspca and all that)?

2) can you follow me on instagram (@wtvralexandra)?
5. already following on twitter and liked on facebook :)

Hope I get this fan call. It would mean so so so much to me. :)

Jessica Alvarado said...

1- Jessica
2- Yourmijaaa_Jess
3- Fresno, California
4- Why cant you be mine lol jk but my real question is how do you feel about being such an inspiration to people like me?
5- I got yall 

☁️bia aguila☁️ said...

1.) Bianca
2.) @amazaynsm1th
3.) Clifton, NJ
4.) What does it feel like to inspire people in many ways and why?
5.) Followed and don't have a Facebook

Alyssa said...

My name is alyssa, my twitter is @infinityymara, I live in San Francisco california, if I were to get a call from nick I would ask him,

1.) what is it about dancing that you love?

2.) what is your favorite song to dance to?

3.) do you think you will be coming back to sf anytime soon?

4. What is a moment in your life that you will never forget?

5.) how did it feel to see your commercial on TV and to see yourself on TV? (:

And last is tell him I'm so proud of him and thank him for making me not give up on my dreams!

Leslie espericueta said...

1. My name is Leslie
2. My twitter name is @_____dean 3. I live in Omaha Nebraska 4. Why do u love dancing so much? What do you love the most about the traveling and teaching? 5. I follow both nick and @fancalls but I don't have a Facebook so I can't like his page..

Maryam said...

1. Maryam
2. @maryam_1481
3. Canada
4. If i got a chance to ask Nick something, i would ask him: what inspires him to keep dancing?
5. Followed both and Liked

bianca said...

If i could ask Nick Mara anything is do you wish you could go back to the begiining for the experince once again

Destiny said...

1: My name is Destiny B)
2: @censoredbieber
3: Washington (The state)
4: I would ask what kind of music he's working on and when he plans on releasing it.
5: I already diddd.
& I'd like to tell him how much he means to me, he's honestly changed my life. Oh, I sound like a creeper. Yeah,(:

Alyssa Lemos said...

Hey my name is Alyssa my twitter is @alyssa_fusco I live in Kennewick Washington if I had the change to talk to nick I would ask him
1. Where do we send his fan mail
2. If you could visit any place in the world where would you visit

♡kelsie♡ said...

1. Kelsie DeMello 2. Kelsie_DeMello 3. New Bedford, MA
4. If i had the chance to ask Nick a question it would be what inspires him to keep on dancing and recording? 5. I follow both :)

Khailalala Mara said...

My name is Khaila
My Twitter is @KhaiStyles
I live in Vancouver, BC
My question is
1)If you could, would you ever have a workshop in Canada?
2)What kind of advice would you give someone who wants to be a famous dancer like you?
<3 I travel everywhere to meet you<3

Josie said...

My name is Josie (Joe-see) @MintynReckless
Lake Elsinore, CA
I would ask Nick what his favorite color and to give me a funny story about how it became his favorite.

I followed you before the IM5 fancall, and I already follow him:)
I just turned 15 a week or so back and ALLL day my friends were DMing him to wish me a happy birthday, it didn't really work :/

i think it's so cute aw i wish i could take a picture like that tomorrow. i would MILKKKKKKKKKKK the time i'd have with him.
Thank you for the oppurtunity c:

Guest said...

3.Decatur, Alabama
4.If I could ask him any question it would be how does it feel to know that you have saved thousands of girls lives?
5.Followed and liked

Cynthia said...

Heyyy My name is Cynthia my Twitter is @Sickkman912 I live in the Bay Area CA and if I had a chance to talk to Nick I would ask him 1. I know that he is working on some music so I would ask what type of music he is working on.
2. I would ask if he is coming to the Bay Area soon because I really miss him:(
And 3. I would ask how did it feel to be in the new bop it commercial and seeing himself on TV.
And lastly I would tell him how proud I am of his for coming this far in his career and I know his will be big and I love him LOTSS and can't wait to see what he has in store for us the the future.

Michelle said...

1. Michelle
2. @lil_shellay
3. Chicago, Illinois
4. How do you balance school and your career?
5. I follow All

Guest said...

1. Mila
2. @Mila_Garrido98
3. Albacete, Spain
4. Is Chris Brown your inspiration?
5. Follow all.

Andreaaa. said...

1. Andrea
2. aclarice143
3. Sydney, Australia
4. When will you come to australia? & Will you go to my year 10 formal with me? ;)
5. Followed and Liked. :)

stephanieiglesias said...

1. My name is Stephanie
2. My twitter is Stephanieiglsia 3. Houston Texas 4. What your favorite color and what your favorite singer
5.i follow all

Nicole said...

1. Nicole
2. @DopeyJai_
3. Long Island, New York
4. I would ask Nick what he would do if he didn't dance
5. I follow all

Guest said...

1. Mila
2. @Mila_Garrido98
3. Albacete, Spain
4. Is Chris Brown your inspiration?
5. Follow all.

Itzel♥:) said...

2. @NMaraBrooks
3. South Gate, Los Angeles
4. What made you decide to become a dancer and who inspires you?
5. Follow both and already like his fb page

Lauren♡ said...

1. Lauren
2. @princessnobonez
3. Windsor, Ontario
4. Why did you chose to be a Dancer/Singer/Actor? Who is your role model?
5. I follow all and liked his page(:

Guest said...

1. Itzel
2. @NMaraBrooks
3.South Gate, Los Angeles
4. What made you decide to become a dancer and who inspires you?

Brianna Reyes said...

4.If you weren't doing what you're doing now what do you think you would be doing today? When will you ever do a class in Houston?
5.I follow all

Amber Morgan said...

1. Amber McCarthy
2. Amber_Morgan15
3. Long Island, New York
4. If I could ask Nick a question it would be how does it feel to inspire a lot of people around the world? And how do you come up with the amazing dances you do?
5. Already followed and liked:)

Alexis Cruz said...

Hello There ^.^ My Name Is Alexis Aka Rocket(:
My Twitter Name Is @Alexislicious13
I Live In Springfield Massachusetts
If I Happened To Be One Of The Lucky Girls To Get A Fancall From Nick I Would First Of All Say How Much He Inspires Me To Never Give Up And To Stay Strong, And Chase Your Dreams. (And That We Have The Same Birthday) I Would Ask Him..
1) What Can We Expect From You Music Wise?
2) Are You Having A CD Out In The Future?
3) When Will Freeman Velocity Be Premiered?
4) Can You Subscribe To Me On Youtube?
Thanks So Much For This Opportunity(:

charde Lakosha A'star Lowe said...

3)Muskegon MI.
4)what is your personality that you like best.
5)i followed and liked

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