Friday, November 15, 2013

LIL Kaotik ATKDMV Contest

Are you going to the #ATK show in the DMV?  Well this LIL KAOTIK contest is just for you.

Attention all Kaotik Cuties going to the #ATK show in the #DMV. You could win a chance to be on stage with LIL Kaotik

In the section below are required to:
1. Post your first name and your Twitter name
2. Explain what being a Kaotik Cutie means to them in 10 sentences of less and tell us what they love most about him
3. Tweet anything that includes #ATKDMV @lilkaotik @Fancalls at least 4 times a day from now until Nov 21
4. Each fan must have 4 friends Rt that tweet and they must be following him

In order to win you must have a ticket to the show, we will verify this. If you don't have a ticket get yours here Today only Buy one Get one free!!

The winner of this contest will be walked on stage and gets to enjoy the Kaotik experience in front of the LIVE #DMV audience. He will personally call the winner to congratulate them on Nov 21.


ToRiOnS BaByGiRl said...

To me being a kaotik cutie means to be yourself and to be different. You dont wanna fit in if you know that your gorgeous let your beauty stand out and you dont have to impress anyone to make them notice you. If you rep TeamKaotik and youre a Kaotik Cutie your gonna be there for lilkaotik through thick and thin and your gonna ride for him no matter what. What I love about lilkaotik is his humbleness and he really cares for his fans and he's very very talented. He does his all for his fans and makes sure that were ok and there our grades are good. Last but not least Lilkaotik believes that all of his KaotikCuties are beautiful and unique in there own little way.

Kêāńû'ś Bàbë said...

To me being a kaotik cutie is to be humble and to be yourself. Not to be someone that you're not but to be who you know you are. Showing support for Lil Kaotik and having his back no matter what. Being different without letting people change you. Making sure that you show Kaotik love whenever you can. Being by his side and being a true member of team kaotik. What I love about Lil Kaotik is that he's very nice to his fans and he's always there for them. Showing him that we care about him is what brings Kaotik a lot of joy. I also love that Lil Kaotik cares about his fans and makes sure that we're alright. My last reason why I love him is because he's a very bright and intelligent young man who can totally kill a rap.