Sunday, December 29, 2013

Driicky Graham Fancalls

Driicky Graham returns to Fancalls December 30 call in and talk to him, but first you need to sign up.

We had a great time with Driicky Graham on Fancalls. Hopefully you had a chance to talk to him. If you did or if you did not check out his fancalls right here


#TeamDriicky get ready for #DriickyGrahamFancalls tomorrow. Word is that DRIICKY's coming through to SHUT IT DOWN!!! lol

Have you ever wanted to ask Driicky Graham a question but never had the chance? Well here's your chance to not only ask him but to talk to him live with us on Fancalls Monday December 30.

In the comment section below please post your first name, your twitter name, the last 4 digits of your phone number and the state you are located in. Also please include your question in your comment. If you are an international fan on Driicky's make sure to post your location, your last 4 digits are not needed we will dm you for your information. Thank you for a wonderful year of Fancalls and we look forward to talking with you and Driicky on Monday December 30 at 7pm est. The call in phone number is 646-929-1325



C i a n o said...

Ciano @CIANOXOC South Carolina 1679
What rapper are you looking forward to working with that you haven't yet ?

makayla said...

Kayla @Kayla_Foe
If not rap then what?

Tianna:) said...

Tianna @devotedmelomane Maryland 5512 If you didn't choose a rap career what would you be doing right now?

loverchiick said...

Serenity @lover_chiick Virginia 5469 When are you and Khleo going to make a record and release it?

Nikki Edwards said...

Nik'Nak. @PrettyNikNak. Alabama.8390. What do you like the most about your success?

Tahajza McGrew said...

Tahajza McGrew, @takayla05, Syracuse, New York, 1897. How old were you when your career got started?

Liv. ♒️ said...

Olivia @_loveformusic 9543 Florida
What kind of direction as far as sound can we expect from the album?