Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Happy Birthday Jawan Harris

Fancalls and some of your Junkies wanted to wish you a very Happy Birthday.

Fans from New York, New Jersey Tennessee, Chicago, New Orleans, Washington DC, Philadelphia and Milwaukee call into Fancalls to wish Teen Idol Jawan Harris a very Happy Birthday. We are wish all the best for you and continued success. We can't wait to hear all about your surprise and look forward to many more years of wonderful music from you. Come on #TeamJawan #JawanJunkies TURN UP, Turn down for WHAT? Come get these FRIES lol!!

Please make sure to join Jawan on Ustream tonight at 8pm est.
Every Junkie needs to be TURNT tonight! Here is Jawan's Ustream Channel
If you want to send Jawan a Happy Birthday wish please post it in the comment section below. See yall at 8!


Marilyn GERMANY said...

Happy birthday TT baby we love you.....

Latoya Sofarfromperfect Scott said...

Happy Birthday Jawan