Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Sebastian Mikael Fancalls

Join us on Friday and talk to Sebastian Mikael Live!

While many artists spend a lifetime chasing “international status,” 24-year-old classically trained singer-songwriter-musician Sebastian Mikael is already starting his career where others can only hope to finish. Born in Sweden to a Swedish father and Ethiopian mother, Sebastian Mikael—formerly known as De-Lor (which is French for “of gold”)—was raised in a diverse household that was enriched by music. While no one in his family ever made music professionally, Sebastian Mikael inherited his passion for music from his father and the sounds he grew up listening to inspired him to find out what was going on behind the music. 

What started off as a childhood hobby soon snowballed into an adolescent obsession that led to him picking up the guitar and mimicking the sounds he heard on the radio. “I became interested in knowing exactly what the musicians were doing and how they got their sounds,” says Sebastian Mikael, who started off playing his favorite songs by Marvin Gaye, Guns N’ Roses, Wyclef Jean, Akon and Usher. And on Friday Sebastian is talking to his fans LIVE on Fancalls. Is there a  question you want to ask Sebastian? Call in 646-929=1325 and ask him yourself 7pm April 18th. He will answer your calls for 30 minutes.


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Tonight Sebastian took fancalls for 30 minutes and he spoke to fans from Chicago, Florida, Texas, Detriot and New York
  Did you get a chance to talk  to Sebastian Mikael tonight on Fancalls? If not listen here

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