Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Tyler Layne Fancalls

Want to talk to Tyler Layne? Well he will be taking your calls tomorrow on Fancalls
For the first time on Fancalls Tyler Layne will talk be taking YOUR calls LIVE! at 7pm Eastern Standard Time. We will have him on the phone answering YOUR calls for 30 minutes.

Please sign up below by placing your Twitter name and the last 4 digits of your phone number (we can ONLY see the last 4 digits of very incoming call). We will answer calls from the entries below. 
If you are an #InternationalFan please post your Twitter name and let us know what you are located. We will contact several International Fans on Twitter so we can get your information. Please do NOT post your entire phone number here or on any social site. We will start answering calls at 7:05pm.

The call in phone number is 646-929-1325  and the hashtag of the night is  #TylerLayneFancalls.
Once you have called in and are on the line waiting for Tyler to answer your call use that hashtag on Twitter 
Tweet!!-> (#TylerLayneFancalls + the last 4 digits of your number). 
Good Luck Enjoy Tyler tomorrow and Welcome to Fancalls!!

Listen to Tyler Layne's #Fancalls right here
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Anonymous said...

Twitter: lexiyolo16
Last 4 digits: 8712

Anonymous said...

Twitter: acmsmiracauhl
Digits: 3137

Salma Carrillo said...

twitter: @salma_carrillo
Last 4 Digits: 2441

Jc Marie said...

Twitter: @JcMarie2319
Last 4 digits: 4211

Anonymous said...

@jacobwgirlfrien 7435

Anonymous said...

@acmswhitesides 3137

Lauren Klahm said...
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Lauren Klahm said...
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Lauren Klahm said...

4 digits: 1679

Gabrielle Canino said...

Twitter: @gabby_canino
4 digits: 5190