Monday, October 6, 2014

The House On Cliff Fancalls

Who says Rock 'N Roll is Dead? Not us! and definitely not The House On Cliff. Join us tonight for Fancalls with
The House On Cliff is a high energy, feel-good rock band from Boston, MA. Their mission is to bring rock and roll back to the masses. They are currently on three national tours, adding new stops everyday Chad Michael Jervis (Bass/Lead Vocals) and Charles Coleman (Guitar/Vocals) met while studying at Berklee College of Music and the rest is history! I hear they have an announcement to make tonight. 

Wanna know the names of the new members of The House On Cliff?? Call in 8pm est./7pm c./5pm pst. 646-929-1325. We're answering as many calls as we can tonight from fans using the #TheHouseOnCliffFancalls hashtag on Twitter starting at 8pm. We've got The House On Cliff LIVE on #Fancalls tonight for 1 hour.