Tuesday, November 11, 2014

House On Cliff Fancalls

They did it AGAIN!!!  House on Cliff returned to Fancalls today. The same day their new EP was released.

With a total of 132 callers on the line, House on Cliff was amazed by the love and support shown to them by their #Cliffers!! House On Cliff spoke to #Cliffers from Ohio, Florida, Chicago, Pennsylvania, Michigan, Indiana, Illinois and St. Louis. Quite a few of the fans told them that they had preordered the EP and you might be surprised just how many #Cliffers' favorite song is the same as yours. Listen to tonight's #HouseOnCliffFancalls now!!

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House On Cliff will be performing in Boston, Ma on November 15 you can still get tickets here. Other tickets for Florida, Arizona and Cali can be found here