Friday, March 13, 2015

The House On Cliff Fancalls

Join us for Fancalls with our favorite Rock band The House On Cliff!
Saturday April 18, bright and early on their part, The House On Cliff joined us again on #Fancalls. The time didn't matter the #Cliffers show up every time The House On Cliff is in the building and as usual we had a blast with them so much so that our host Ms. E gave one lucky fans 2 tickets to see them perform LIVE when they arrive in Atlanta, Georgia to perform. The House On Cliff spoke to fans from New Jersey, Florida, North Carolina, Pennsylvania and Chicago. There were 200 callers on the line. If you talked to The House On Cliff,  listened online to #THOCfancalls you can hear the complete episode below. Thank you for joining in, we can't wait to do it again!!

Today, Friday March 13th, was a great day on Fancalls as The House On Cliff returned with a great new cover called Feel Good. #Cliffers filled our phone to the max and they were able to talk to fans from New Jersey, Florida, Virginia, North Carolina, Pennsylvania and Chicago. Did you get a chance to talk to The House On Cliff? Did you miss it? Either way you can listen to the entire show below.