Saturday, January 5, 2013

B Smyth FanCall

B Smyth FanCall

On January 4th, 2013 we conducted our first fancall of the year with Motown's B. Smyth. With the success of his new single 'LEGGO' featuring 2Chainz, his fans couldn't wait to talk to him.Team B. Smyth was already waiting on the phone lines 10 minutes before the call started. The weekend prior to our fancall B. performing on stage opening up for Trey Songz and Miguel. Because of this he was suffering for a bit of a cold and a sore throat. But being the true professional that he is, he chose not to cancel the fancall. He wanted to talk to his fans -soar throat and all. The fans loved him! and we admire and respect him as well. Thanks for a great FanCall B. and continued success to you.

Congratulations to Alliyah (@RL_Gir1) she was the winner of our #WinaCall Contest with B. Smyth

B. Smyth talks to Alexia (@Blue_Bird18 on Twitter)

 B. Smyth talks to Janie (@Janie_yupp on Twitter)

B. Smyth talks to Reneese (@BeautifulDior93 on Twitter)

B. Smyth talks to Arlyncia (@LyniLMAO on Twitter)

B. Smyth talks to Autumn (@OMG_girlz1Fan  on Twitter)

B. Smyth talks to Camille (CamiBeTheFlyest on Twitter)

B. Smyth surprises one fan (@mA_lone_ on Twitter) with a call for her birthday. #SURPRISE RODKESSHIA-->B. Smyth is on the phone


keaira said...

i like him a the way i want ot get to know him

Jaimie Restituyo said...

Lol. I. Love. You
I. Love your. You. Is a good. Singer