Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Win A Call From B Smyth

On Friday January 4th at 8:05pm Eastern Standard Time, we will conduct a FanCall with Motown Recording artist B Smyth and we are looking for his #1 fan. 

Here are the rules. Please make sure to read the rules before you add your comment here. 
1. If you had a chance to talk to B Smyth what would you say? 
2. If believe you are his #1 fan tell us why. 
3. Tell us your Twitter name and your REAL first name.
4. Let us know what state you live in.
5. Watch his new video 'LEGGO' and tell us what is your favorite part of the video
 and you could Win A Call from B Smyth on January 4, 2013.
All comments must be entered by January 4, 2013 at 5pm est.
There will only be 1 Winner who will get a call from B Smyth. 
Double entries will be disqualified
 All other fancalls will be answered randomly.
Good Luck!!


Anonymous said...

1. I would let him know how much of an inspiration he is to me. He went from singing in front of his computer to opening for Trey Songz.
2. I believe I am his number one fan because I truly appreciate his talent. He is a very talented person and I love being able to see his talent. Every night I fall asleep to his YouTube videos. His voice is absolutely amazing and he sings me right to sleep.
3. @LindsyJackson my first name is Lindsy
4. I live in Oregon
5. My favorite part of the video is at the very end. The whole video changed and his dancing was amazing!

Anonymous said...

1. Congrats on a new beginning. Im so pround to be a fan. You have truly opened up my mind in follwing me dreams. You showed me that all things ar possible. You are so talented and blessed. Just keep up the good work and keep God first.
2. I dont feel like I'm a FAN. I feel like I'm a supporter, because thats what I do. I support you. I love you music and I love how dedicated you are. & you make me feel like im truly apart of #TeamBsmyth.
3. @RL_Girl1 Real name: Alliyah
4. I'm a Florida Girl !!!
5. The video is crazy good. I love it. But my favorite part of the video is when he says " Its getting heavy, its seems like your ready. Don't play with it girl... LEGGO" & when it gets to the middle and he says LEGGO LEGGO LEGGO LEGGO. His espression on his face can make anyone fall in love lol.

So with or without the fan call I'm still gonna be a #TeamBsmyth SUPPORTER. One Love <3

Anonymous said...

1). If I had a chance to to talk to B Smyth I would tell him how great of a singer and dancer he is. Also, I appreciate him for directly respondng to his fans! I would tell him that one day we are GOING to meet in person when he begins his tour in VA.
2). I believe I'm his #1 fan because I look forward to his nexr song, video, tour dates and even tweets on Twitter. I tell all my friends to listen to him and support him in anyway possible. I have much love for him and his music as a #1 fan should.
3). Omgg_Telanii My first name is Ariel
4). I live in Virginia.
5). My favorite part of the video is the dancing!!! I love how he had different styles of dancing. Plus I love how he made it a video that you can't get tired of watching over and over again!!!

rodkesshia fleming said...

I would let him know that his voice is amazing and he's a great Guy when I meet him he was really down to earth I would tell him to never give up and to keep up the good work. Remember to keep God first!
2) I know I'm his number one fan beacuae I'm looking foward to his tweets, that's why I have them to come directly to my phone. I can't wait until he goes on tour! I listen to leggo everyday and also the videos before he got this far!
3) @mA_Lone_ real name Rodkesshia
4) I live in Southaven Mississippi
5)my favorite part of the video ... I love it all but, if I have to pick it would be when he's on the stand dancing !

Anonymous said...

1.) I would let Brandon know that his gift is truly a gift from God. I am grateful that i stumbled upon his youtube page a year ago and I look forward to what is in your future. Remember where you came from and keep God centered in your life and everything will go as it should.
2.) I am his #1 Fan because I truly believe that his talent and drive will take him far in life. I am his biggest supporter because I make sure I tell people daily to listen to his music and watch his video. I love his dedication but I love how humble he is even more.
3.) @CamiBeTheFlyest and my real name is Camille
4.) Nashville, Tennessee
5.) I absolutely L O V E D the entire video, but if I had to pick one specific spot in the video it would be his acrobatics and his dancing. <3 I love a man who can dance. #TeamBSmythForLIFE

Janie said...

1. I would tell him that I have so many emotions going on right then and there, but that I'm very PROUD of him and how far he has come from when I discovered him on YouTube, Also that he's an inspiration to me and many of his other fans out in the world because he taught us to not give up on our dream, no matter what people say. If you put in the hard work now,it'll pay off sooner than you know.
2. I believe I'm his #1 fan because I've been been with him since day 1 ever since I discovered him on YouTube. I been going hard for him and the team ever since as well. I've seen him grow and mature in his life with his music career, like opening up for trey songz and miguel in Houston,TX is a BIG step from aking video covers on YouTube. Also I will ALWAYS and FOREVER be #TeamBSmyth no matter how old I am.I'll even recruit my children, girls of course.
3.@janie_yupp and my real name is Janie.
4.Columbia, SC
5.I really don't have a favorite part of the video because I love the whole thing because it's that type of video and Single that you can play over and over again and never get tired of it. But if I had to choose it would be the end because he's showing off his dance skills to prove that he got the skills to do anything he set his mind to. All the movements are precise and just AMAZING <3 who doesn't love a man who can dance and sing (:

Anonymous said...

1. I would let him know that i support him no matter what happens. I will always and forever be his fan. He inspires me so much and i just wanna thank him.
2. I believe that i am his number 1 fan because i've been following him since the begining. When he came to Houston i was in tears because i was so proud of his accomplishments....He inspired me so much that I've decided to bring back my old youtube channel and start singing again from 10 years of only regret is that i didn't get his hat :(
3. My name is Alexia im 20 and my twitter is Blue_Bird18
4. I'm from Houston
5. My favorite part is the chorography. I like all the tutting sections. I believe that every move you make, every facial expression, should tell a story and i know that B smyth's story is only just begining.

Anonymous said...

1. If Brandon were to call me, omg first i would probablyy cry lol...but really i would tell him how much i truly admire the fact that he's committed to not only his work but his fans too. He always tries to make time for us by tweeting, replying, RT'ing, etc. I would tell him to cherish all the opportunities that come his way for the rest of his career, to have fun, trust in God all the time & also to remember that no matter what, #teambsmyth always got yo back! Theres loads more!

2. I dont know bout no. 1 fan but i know fo sho that im a supporter because i support the people who i can tell do what they do cause they LOVE it & not just cause of the money n the fame n shit.. Brandon is a dedicated hard working star & you can tell that he is very thankful for the opportunities that are given to him! I respect him 100% & i there aint a single day that goes by without me thinkin bout how blessed he actually is! He's so talented :')

3. Twitter: @lovenessity , Real name: Melrose :)

4: I live way across the ocean .. i know i probably wont get the call so i just wanted to answer those questions :/ #TeamBSmythDublin ♥

5: I cant pick a favourite..The whole video is D.O.P.E!! I never take my eyes off it whenever i watch it so every second of it is my favourite personally :)

Anonymous said...

1. If I could talk to B.Smyth I would tell him that while I didn't hear of him until the show on December 30th, I thought he was amazing and I'm so glad i had the chance to find out about him by first seeing him LIVE! I watched all his YouTube videos and I love that he made videos for Treyvon Martin and the earthquake victims in Japan (Human Nature is my favorite song besides Leggo!)which shows he has a good heart and an intelligent mind.
2.I'm B.Smyth's #1 fan because i cant wait to see everyone else fall in love with his art like I have. I cant wait to see him take the music industry by storm in 2013 and beyond! When his first album drops i plan on buying it A.S.A.P and being front and center at ALL his Dallas shows!
3. My twitter name is @lynilmao. My real name is Arlyncia.
4. I'm from Garland, Texas, which is pretty close to Dallas.
5. My favorite part of his video? Honestly, everything!His dancing and how natural he looks on camera! He looks like he's right where he belongs. Plus the part when he's swinging on that scaffold was amazing as well. :)

Holly Hoffman said...

1. If I could talk to Brandon, honestly, I'd probably be at a loss for words. I would definitely have to let him know how gorgeous and talented he is, and that I'm impatiently awaiting the day that him and his music completely blow up so he's know world-wide.
2. I guess I'm not his "#1" fan, per se, but I am a huge fan. I don't know about everything he does, and everywhere he goes, but I know how amazing he is as a singer and a person- all of the videos he has posted prove that.
3. My twitter name is @H_llyG_lightly, my real name is Holly, and I am 17 c:
4. I live in Michigan
5. Actually, I love every single part of every single video I've seen of his. The facial expressions are always my favorite, he always looks so comfortable. He knows what he's doing and has such passion, you can just see it with the way he moves, the way he smiles! (:

lilbitoatman26 said...

I looveeeeee him

kennede thomas said...

I love u call me any time #1 man

kiera morris said...

I love bsmyth I have all your songs posters and shirts I even have u on a pillow I love u bsmyth

Anonymous said...

B Smyth is so cute.

Jaimie Restituyo said...

Hey my name is. Jaimie