Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Ceejay Class Fancall

The Gentleman, Ceejay Class surprised one of his London fans with a surprise Fancall.
Many thanks to Ceejay Class who took time out of his busy day to surprise one of his LONDON fans with a fancall. Check it out below

Shout out to ilham Ahmed who's name on Twitter is @illyahmedRGOKY, I'm sure she is one very happy fan right now.

Yesterday The CeeJay Class Fancall was a HUGE success. Here are a few of our favorite calls.

CeeJay sings acapella to his excited fan @TamaraHigginsx3 from Canada

 Then Tamara calls back and was lucky enough to get her call answered again and proposes to CeeJay


 Diamond calls in and asks CeeJay what it feels like to be compared to Chris Brown

CeeJay has a message for all his fans

Thank you to CeeJay Class for a GREAT fancall and many thanks to Team CeeJay who showed much love for this dope talented brother

CeeJay 'Light Up!'