Sunday, March 10, 2013

Julian Coz Fancalls

Julian Coz leaves his fans breathless during his LIVE Fancall on March 18 

What an amazing day this was, Julian Coz fans on the line waiting to talk to him. Most calls that were answered, fans were surprised and excited. Some were so surprised that they blew their chance to talk to him by hanging up. Here are our favorite calls of the night.

This fan says she's shaking then starts to cry!

Julian On Ustream while doing Fancalls

This fan says "This is like a dream come true!  

Julian's Pittsburgh fan asks him to the prom

Kelsey from Canada tells him "I'm Freaking out!"

This fan from Oakland tells Julian "Thank you for being awesome!"

 Julian Coz  @princeton144  fan serenades him

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Julian says Fancalls are a humbling experience  

Cherry from Chicago gives advise to Julian

Thank you to #TeamJulianCoz for supporting him. You guys made this an awesome fancall.


Marleny Campos said...

Julian Coz? Hmmm ' i dont consider myself a Fan. I just honestly enjoy his music, his lyrics, & Voice! He Reminds Me That Regardless How Famous Someone Can Be , We Are Not So Different From Eachother. We Go Through Struggles, Heartbreaks , Lonely Nights And Happiness. . & Even Though Money Is The Thing That Makes Us Different Were All Human And We Are Not So Different. He Is Just As Sensitive As Anybody Else. Its Funny Because When He Followed Me I Had No Idea Who He Was ;o But Straight Out The Bat I Was Attracted To Him.<3 It Was Then That I Heard His Music! Ever Since I Couldn't Stop Playing His Music . For My Birthday I Had Told Him That "If He Sang To Me , Id Be The Happiest Girl" But That Just Seemed Like Something That Would Never Happen. . So Maybe 'This Time Ill Get Lucky! Hehe Because He Has My Bday Gift Overdue Lol jp But Hearing His Voice & Him Singing To Me Would Make Me One Of The Happiest Girl, Plus The Chances Of Meeting Him Are Like 1 in 1Million Because I Live In Los Angeles, CA & He's In Miami :( So Ill Settle With A Phone Call ! :) <3

dmpgal92 said...

When i saw Julian following me.on twitter i was so excited i love hes music and i think hes a very attractive guy . Another bonus for him.hes always possitive and fighting for hes dream hes some one i admire i really wish i can get a phone call from Julian becuase it make and make. Me.the happiest girl on earth i got all hes songs on i will always support Julian in the.good and bad times i think hes simply amazing he knows singing.from the.heart he knows breaks up and love situations love is tough agree i.hope i can be the.lucky.winner hear a phone call from him before to work i live in calgary canada i.think he should come.sing here.i get.first.row.for sure god bless this man hes.simply some one to.admire possitive 100 % ull always have my support bad and good times he.stands out of all the guys from here thats for sure.que papasito hes my.dream boy.

FanCalls said...

What is your twitter name? Please contact me on twitter ASAP!!!

FanCalls said...