Monday, March 18, 2013

Rashawn Fancalls

Shout Out to Rashawn for coming through to Fancalls again and for getting the fans Turnt All The Way UP!!!!!

Listen to our favorites

Nandi gets a call from Rashawn and asks him about a collab with Ace Primo

 Rashawn calls Ciana and she asks what do you do in your free time

Melissa asks Rashawn "don't you feel like sometimes you want to give up?"

Cameron calls in to talk to Rashawn and asks about the new EP

Rashawn finds out he has a baby!

 J'Real tells Rashawn "Don't ever let a black woman name yo kids"

Melissa (Cupcake) tells Rashawn and tells him she loves the new song! Rashawn tells us how the collab with J'Real came about

 Diamond gives LIVE feedback on Rashawn's new hit 'My Age'

Ms. Elaine offers advise to Rashawn then asks to get put on (Still shaking my head)

J'Real tells Ms. Elaine "I've got a hook for you--You Better take your pills!"

Ms. Elaine asks "If I gave you a choice between Genius, Rashawn or J'Real who would you pick?" Then Genius and J'Real fight over Ms. Elaine (#Dead)

This Fancall was hilarious! Thanks for coming through Rashawn, Genius and J'Real #Salute