Tuesday, March 26, 2013

2013 Fancall Promo

We are looking for 15 fans to join in our 2013 Fancall Promotions video

We are creating a brand new promo for Fancalls and are asking fans who have participated in any call to join in. 15 fans will be chosen. Your part in this promo is real simple. We are asking fans to call into our number 215-383-5057 on Saturday March 30 between 2-3pm Eastern Standard Time and in 1 minute or less tells us why you like Fancalls. There will be no guests or artists on this call.

Send us one CLEAR photo of you to Your likeness and voice will be included in a brand new Youtube video used to promote Fancalls. If you are interested. Leave me a comment below with your First name, Twitter name, Age and State you are located in. Thank you in advance and please continue to support FANCALLS! -Rob


Tianna said...

Hi, I'm Tianna
Twitter name: @devotedmelomane
State: VA

ziya said...

Name:ziya twitter: ziya_livinmylif age: 14 pennsylvania

Diamond said...

Name: Diamond
Twitter: @__Diamondd__
Age: 18
State: Indiana

fantasiasellers1 said...


Taliah Nasheé said...

Name: Taliah
Twitter: @OfficialTaliahG
Age: 16
State: Pennsylvania

Chinaa said...

Name- Zakiyah
Twitter- @ziyalioush
Age- 14
State- Illinois

Joely Mialy said...

Name: Joely
Twitter: @FlowXTwist
Age: 18
State: France, Paris.

Anonymous said...

Name: Amie
Twitter: @yourgirlamie
Age: 14
State: NC

Lyric said...

Name: Lyric
Twitter: feelmyvibe_
Age: 15
State: MN