Wednesday, April 3, 2013

QT Jazz Win A Call Contest

Please Read all the instructions very carefully!

We are doing #Fancalls with QT Jazz and we are offering her fans a chance to Win a Call from her tomorrow!
Anyone who is a fan of QT Jazz knows that she is a unique talent. From her voice to her smile, her dancing skills to her fashion sense, QT Jazz is one of a kind and has inspired us all. For her contest here are the rules.
1. Go to her website and tell us which one of her pictures you like the most.
2. Then go to her Youtube Channel and tell us your favorite video there.
3. Tell us how she has inspired you and why YOU should get a call from her.
4. Make sure you are following QT Jazz and Fancalls on Twitter.
5. Give us your first name, your twitter name and the state you live in.
6. Be available to receive your call on Thursday April 4th between 9-9:30pm Eastern Standard Time.
Please make sure you have read and understand the rules before you click the 'Publish' button in the comment section below. Double entries will disqualify you. There will be 2 winners and the contest starts right now. The contest is over on Thursday at 5pm Eastern Standard Time and will be announced on Twitter at 5:30pm EST. Once you are announced as a winner you must contact us via Twitter within 30 minutes for more details.

So there you have it, now all you have to do is Get Your Back Up Off The Wall and ENTER. Good luck to all!


shaquana reid said...

first name:shaquana reid
twitter name: @missamazing75
philadelphia pa

my favorite pic on qt jazz website is the one where shes standing and looking back she looks beautiful and her shoes are everything. My favorite video on her youtube chanel is the one with her and @star_omg singing i love that one because her talent is something she been had the facial expressions and the feeling she has while singing that song was magical you could tell she was gonna make it.QT Jazz inspires me because she does not let the negativity stop her from doing what she loves and she graduated earky from high schoola dn has her own company she makes me very proud to be a #qtpossie she is the prime example of some one talented you could look at her and tell that this didnt happedn over night it took some hard work and she overcame it and between school and trying to live her life she suceeded i love her and i deserve this call because she is my idol and it would be a dream you guys would make this #qtpossie very happy. please pick me

Jazlyn Nelson said...

My name is Jazlyn Nelson and my twitter name is @IGotThat_Beauty and I live in North Carolina.
My favorite picture of qtjazz on her website is the one when she was on the set of her "Back Up Off The Wall" video and it looks like she is screaming with her and near her mouth, because I loved that video and she looked really pretty in that picture and it is her showing off her fun and silly side of her. I think qtjazz has a great personality and is a very cool person to hang out with. My favorite YouTube video on her channel is the one with her and Star from the omg girlz singing when they were both young, because the video was too adorable and it shows how long jazz has been singing and it is a good memory for her and her fans to have of her childhood. The picture on qtjazz website and the video on her YouTube the growth that jazz has experienced and how she has matured into the beautiful, talented singer and dancer she is today. QTJazz is very inspiring, because she is so humble and takes the time out to spend time with and communicate with her fans and she is very loving and has unique talent. Just listening to her voice in her music I realized how unique her voice is and how much I love listening to her music. Qtjazz has many talents and I love that about her, I love her dancing skills and with me being an aspiring dancer myself I look up to her being able to sing and dance so well. I should win this fan call because I love qtjazz a lot and look up to her to help me choose which path in life I want to take and she is a great role model to have, she knows how to balance her school and personal life with being well-known and famous. I hope I get to talk to qtjazz soon! :-)

emanuelle said...

My name is Emanuelle Souffrant
My twitter name is @niqueblueboss Im from n.y.
My fav pic of Jazz is the one where she is sitting on the red bench in the video back up off the wall which is my fav video
JAZZ Inspires me in many ways she shows me that dreams are possible and that it just takes hard work and dedication.I love her b/c she is just so humble and has a great personality..I should get a call from her b/c im really a fan that will be their forever...I love Jazz so much .. I support her everyday and every sec of the day24/7 jazz talks to her fans all the time when she is online she makes me feel really special. ..she takes timeout her time that not every person would do ♥

Breanna Makonnen said...

Breanna Makonnen
Baltimore, Maryland

I love Jazz; she is such an inspiration for me. I'm inspired by her personality, style, and her passion for her talent. I love her because she strives to be the best that she can be. She's a hardworker and achieve's for the highest level of success. Just by studying her and watching her work, she helps inspire me to keep dancing and that nothing is impossible. Why reach for the sky when there are footprints on the moon? Nothing is impossible, and Jazz has proved that to me. My favorite video of Jazz would actually be her QT Jazz rehearsal because she was showing us (her fans) on how her practice and her dedication pays off in the end. Also, my favorite picture of her would be when she was behind the scenes of the back up of the wall ft.issa; she looks so strong, determined and gorgeous. Even though I have YET to meet her it is my ultimate goal to meet her & im striving to keep following my dreams thanks to Jazz. A call from her would mean the world to me I feel like that would be a blessing if I actually got a chance to talk to Jazz..she has helped me just by her following her dreams. I know she loves her fans & we love her a million times more. I will always keep supporting her no matter what. Please pick me, I hope and pray that I'm chosen..I rarely never win anything but I have HOPE that just for once I can get a chance to talk to my number #1 idol Jazz <3 .