Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Kiloni Lee Win a Call Contest

Win a Call from Ki'loni Lee tomorrow on Fancalls!

Tomorrow we've got Kiloni Lee on Fancalls. If you are part of Ki'Loni Klique you won't want to miss this one! Want to Win a Call? Here are the Rules:
1. Tell us your First name, your Twitter name and what state you live in
2. Go to her YOUTUBE Channel and pick your favorite video and post the link in the comment section below
3. Tell us why you love Ki'Loni and why you are a part of Ki'Loni Klique
4. Make sure you are following Ki'Loni and Fancalls on Twitter
5. The winner will be announced on Twitter and we will dm you for your phone number

The winner will be announced on Twitter on Tomorrow at 6:30pm EST/5:30pm Central
No answers will be accepted on Twitter and duplicate entries will be disqualified.

This contest starts now and is over on Wednesday May 1st at 6pmEST/5pm Central

***Note: If you don't have a google account: When posting your comment please click the "comment as" arrow and select Anonymous then click publish

Good Luck to all! #TurnUp


Keasha Gunter said...

I love this video because she did a remix to pour it up and i lovee how kiloni sings! Kloni is an awesome person and shes really cool and funny i hope i will win a fan call

Anonymous said...

My name is Kayla, my twitter is
@trillmisfit_xo & i'm from Connecticut. "I'm That Girl' is my favorite song :) I love Ki'Loni because she's very humble & she shows so much love to her fans! She's funny, beautiful, smart & talented. I love the way she sings & dances & I hope one day I can dance with her :) I'm a part in Ki'Loni Klique because she always has encouraging words to say & she she's such a positive person, that's what I love about her! I'm always going to be here to support her no matter what she does! #KiloniKlique #TurnUp !!!

Kiyah Martin said...

Hi my name is Kiyah (@kiyah_amor34) and I live in Maryland
My two favorite video's (I couldn't pick one lol) are because it shows her love for her fans (not many celebs put their fans in their videos) and because her swag is through the roof in that video #Turn up lol
I love Ki'loni because she is always nice and promotes staying classy and having faith in god. There are a lot of young girls following behind her and she sets a great path to follow :) I love that. She has so much talent and is beautiful inside and out. That's why I love Ms.Ki'loni. #Ki'loniKlique we ouchea!! <3

Anonymous said...

1.) name; Cur'tiece , twitter name; @simply_curtiece , state i live in; Virginia .
2.) Favorite video;
3.) The reason why I love Ki'Loni is because she's like a good inspiration & I can look up to her as a good role model. She is a really nice and sweet person. she tries to stay active and tries to speak to her fans as much as she can, and I like that. I just love HER ! :) the reason i'm in #kiloniklique is because it's a really good fanbase & it has NO drama in it unlike other fanbases. Like the girls in fanbase they can relate to me. being in the fanbase makes me feel proud sometimes. Lol, i know it's kinda weird for me saying that but it's the truth . =^.^= well, i really hope i get a fan call from Ki'Loni . getting a call from Ki'Loni? That would really be a blessing & the best day of my life :)

javell perez said...

From studio to record deals, stay getting money!!! ayyyye that's my song tho.Name is Javell. I live in Virginia. Y'all all ready know Ki'loni Klique all day everyday playa boy. My Twitter name @JavelLoveJustin. You a baddie!!. You follow me on Twitter :-) I love that you inspire people. Your strong, ambitious,beautiful, talented and hopefully one day I will be just like you. I thank you for inspire young females like myself. Your amazing and I support you all the way. I have been supporting you from your first single "I'm that girl" to "Turn up" & I am excited to see the future music you put out. Fav Ki'loni song is Klique Stay CLASSY!!

Halie Jones said...

1. Halie
Twitter name- kissmyrock_life
State- Alabama
2. favorite song- I'm that girl,(I didn't see Bring it back)
3. I love Ki'loni because she is different from other people, she shows her bubbly, and nice personality, she is extremely beautiful. She truly loves her supporters and fans. I love her because she is always giving back to her fans, and other people such as her "Bully Yourself" and "Let's Dance". She inspires me so much, like on her song Turn it up "won't stop till I hit that finish line" I think that is telling me to never give up on my dream. She is a very awesome, and the sweetest person that I have known, I also love her dancing she shows her personality through it. I am apart of Ki'loni's Klque because I have been listening to her music since she had her first single "I'm that girl". I am also in Ki'loni Klque because I am a supporter and a huge fan of her music and dancing. This is why I love Ki'loni and why I am apart of K.Klique.
Hopefully I get the phone call good luck everybody, I can't wait until she drops some more covers and singles, I love you Ki'loni! :) Have a nice night =^.^=