Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Shameik Week Fancalls

Attention all Shameik Freaks! Shameik Moore is celebrating his birthday this entire week by giving the fans what they want most; an inside look!

Shameik Moore Fancalls

This is #ShameikWeek and all the #ShameikFreaks get a chance to celebrate with him. Join Shameik Moore as he celebrates his birthday 6 days this week. Here is the line up!

Sunday 4/28- Official photos from the music video (see more here)

Monday 4/29 - A video introducing Shameik Moore. (Showing performances, sketches from the show, Shameik in studio etc.)

Tuesday 4/30 - A clip from the music video (stunt rehearsal of the fight scene #RockWitMe)

Wednesday 5/1 - Behind the scenes video showing Shameik in rehearsal and Shameik answer some questions.

Thursday 5/2- The actual behind the scenes video for the music video.

Friday 5/3 – FanCalls at 9:15pm Eastern Standard Time/ 8:15pm Central

Saturday 5/4- The actual music video drops at midnight.

You haven't heard his new joint Rock Wit Me yet? Click that play button below

I hope your ready for this, Shameik's taking over.......Let's GO!