Friday, April 5, 2013

Torion Sellers Co-Host Challenge

Torion Sellers Fancall Co-HOST Challenge!

Co-Host Challenge Rules
What does a Co-host do? It's simple, the co-host not only gets a call from Torion, bu they get to stay on the line during the entire call AND they assist with the phone calls, tweets and replies to tweets.

1. You MUST have Torion's name or #TeamTorion listed in your bio or Twitter Name and must be following @torionsellers and @fancalls on Twitter.
2. Go to Torion's Youtube Channel    subscribe and comment on THREE different videos
3. Tell us your FIRST name, your Twitter name and what State you live in and which videos you commented on.
4. In the comment section below, tell us WHY you love Torion and what makes him different than other artists and why YOU should be chosen as the co-host
5. Go to Youtube and like this video
6. After doing all of the above; Tweet "I completed the #FancallsCoHost CHALLENGE @fancalls @torionsellers" THREE Times between 11am-1pm Saturday April 6, 2013.

**PLEASE MAKE SURE YOU READ ALL THE RULES BEFORE YOU POST YOUR COMMENT. NO ANSWERS WILL BE ACCEPTED ON TWITTER. You CAN enter both contest but your answers must be different. All information should be posted below this article. No Double Entries** Good Luck!!

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 Twerk Don't Hurt



Naomi Urena said...

Naomi @Naomi__blAnK NY I commented on Twerk Dont Hurt ! Dont Judge Me Cover ! The Inaguration video singing the National Anthem ! I love Torion because hes amazing with his fans. The way he interacts with them is incredible and his music is soo DOPE !!I should be chosen as a co-host because i really love and appreciate Torion and the i could help with the calls. Love You Torion

Shaunie Love said...

Shaunie Love @Shaunie_Luv on twitter. I commented on these 3 videos 1. 2. 3. I absolutely ADORE torion sellers because he has a GENUINE heart, and puts sweat, blood and tears into his craft, he is open minded and is willing to do any and everything that will make him not only a better person but a better artist. he stays humble and has a down to earth spirit!! I can not wait to see whats next for him v.v He is different from other artist because he has a STRONG communication with his fan base, I think everyone in teamtorion can say that torion has never been MIA for more than a day we basically live the same life he does at that the same time he does. I LOVE that about him. I should be the co-host cause I know how to TURN UP :) I love talking to people, and I feel like together Torion and I can bring on the laughs and the loves. Lol if that made sense... but yea... I LOVE U TORION V.V and Ps: ROB dont follow me no more *tear* lol

ShyAsia said...

1.Name- ShyAsia
2. Twitter Name- @PrettiGurllShii, @ShyTorionLovee
3. State- NEW YORK
4. I comment and liked 17, Friends, and Top Notch. Im in Top Notch at the 5th Second of the video.. ayee!! I love torion because he tweets me and we talk alot. and i love that he communicates with his fans and tells them he loves them and appreciates them and hes special in my eyes!! hes different from anyother artist his style is new! and his sound is different!
5.i should be a co host because i support torion and im a huge fan and i will always stand by him and im chill and funny!! #TEAMTORION OR NOTHING AT ALL!!!

Fally said...

Videos: Twerk Don't Hurt ; Don't Judge Me (cover) ; & Practice


I love & support Torion because i see that he has true talent, and music means alot to him. It's not just about the money, fame and so forth. I truly do believe he'll make it far in life, and I'll be there through it all, the bumps curves & everything.
What sets him different from other artists is his voice! His voice is different than most artists, and it sets an image / stage for him. It portrays him in a well definite way. I love the way he interacts with TeamTorion whenever he has the time. He has a true gift, and I'm disappointed in anyone who won't give him the time of day, has doubted him, or set him to believe that he won't achieve anything.

I would LOVE to be chosen to be the co-host for this fan call because I know how to be excited, turn up on the calls, and set a good mood. I'd love to be the co-host; I think it would be a fun Experience.

Shakira said...

Name : Shakira
Twitter Name : Shakira_GetIt
State: New Jersey
Youtube Username: ShakiraWayne
Videos I Commented On
- Reality Is : . I love the realism of the video and how he expresses his feelings.

- Dont Judge Me : . I love his version of Chris Brown's song. It makes my heart melt.

- Friends : . My top favorite song my Torion Sellers.

I would love to be the co-host for Torion Sellers. Torion vocal talent is amazing. I have not met a young man like him use his voice so perfect. All his songs I have connections to. I met him before and he is the nicest person. Torion keeps it real with his fans and genuinely loves his fans. Torion Sellers is my inspiration because he provides motivation in my life. It is always a good time to turn up to Torion! I will forever be loyal to Torion and his music. #TeamTorion

WeAreTeamTorion said...

1. First Name: Precious
2. Twitter Name: @WeAreTeamTorion
3. State: Minnesota
4. Videos Commented on: Twerk Don't Hurt, Torion Sellers Dancing - The Breakfast Club with DJ Envy , & Torion performing Slow .
5. Why I Love Torion: I love Torion because he's different. He's bringing real/soulful R&B back. So many new artist come out as more of a pop sounding artist, but Torion didn't. His songs like You Might Be & Marvin's Room show his capability to sing with soul and I LOVE IT! On top of that not only is he an amazing singer, but he's also an amazing dancer. He's the full package! PURE TALENT.!
6. Why Should I Be Co-Host: I should be co-host because I am one of Torion's VERY first fans & I created his first fan pages on twitter, tumblr, youtube, & instagram ALL under the name, WeAreTeamTorion. I've been #TeamTorion & supporting Torion since August of 2011 before Lil Wayne's PSA. I was one of the fans who helped him get his 1st thousand followers. I was one of his first 600 followers on twitter. I remember when he did his first ustream and it was just me & a few other people (less than 10) there talking to him. Before the thousands of followers on twitter,youtube,facebook,etc. I was there to support him. So, I believe I should be co-host because I've done so much for Torion since August of 2011 & I've continued to support him throughout all the accomplishments he has achieved. I support him 110%. It's #TeamTorion or NOTHING at ALL.

Demetria T said...

First name : Demetria
Twitter name: @JustcallmeDemi
State : New Jersey
I commented on the Official video for "Champion" , His song "Friends" from his Screamtour mixtape & His cover to "Practice" .

Why do I love Torion? Where to start? Lol my love for Torion is unexplainable. I remember I was leaving the Screamtour in 2011 and I had no clue who he was this man handed me his CD and said to "Check him out he's really good" I popped that CD in &..... Let's just say my life was COMPLETE till this very day. I continue to watch and every video of torion. I keep up to date and have a supported Twitter page with my friends @TorionLegitST . I missed his performance at the screamtour in Philly from last year and I was beyond mad. After the concert I found a picture of torion and Immediately picked it up. It's hung up in my room. I know this is not telling you why I love Torion but sharing my experience is why I love him. Torion is very talented. He's young , is himself & sings like an Angel. I can't wait until the charts blow up & really hear about him. When I need to run away from my problems I put those headphones in and Blast Smile. He extends his voice like other singers. He want them to hear his vocals. I love Torion Sellers because he never will give up. He will continue to work & work. Hes different from other artist because he actually takes the time out of everyday in his life to interact with his loving fans on twitter & he's just a chilled person unlike other artists. Torion is different . He's everything. Hopefully he visits New Jersey . Since we barely get much entertainment up here. Torion if you see this I want you to know that Haters were haters , are haters now & will continue to hate. Be yourself & do you! #TeamTorion taking over BVBY! Good luck to all the other contestants .

Why I should be co-host? My love for Torion. Then again I can handle a job like this. Cohosting would help me on my skills to what I have planned in the future. I am Groupievilles official STL & promoting for them has helped me. Being a cohost for Fancalls will skill me on my pronouncing. I also want to touch out to the fans. It would be nice to hear their love for Torion. Their reactions when they hear his voice (: It would be nice to see them happy and myself happy. Fancalls it would mean a lot and I mean a lot if you give me this opportunity into having to win this. It will be more defined as a blessing then a win. I would like to say Good luck to all the other contestants again. Continue to support .

- Yours truly , Demi <3.

Anonymous said...

*he extends his voice differently from other singers.

davi said...

My name is Davia my twitter name is @daviacarter and I live in Connecticut I commented on twerk don't hurt , don't judge me cover , and practice , I love torrion because he's unique and original and he's not like any other artist he has his own style and does his own thing he also interact alot with his fans which is so sweet because most artists don't do that he also made me believe that my dreams of singing can come true at a young age and that means alot , I should be chosen to be the Co-host because I would be a really good Co-host I would be a little bit Shy but eventually I would get over it , I really want to talk to torrion he's just amazing and caring and perfect and I would love to talk to him

ziya said...

Name: ziya
Twitter: ziya_livinmylif
State: PA
Youtube name: ziyamurrell
i commented on top notch fans its you and practice.i LOVE TORION SOOO MUCH because he is so sweet kind nice cute humble TALENTED!!!!! Down to earth funny crazy lol its alot of reasons why but those are just a few reasons.torion is different *sings different by 2 chainzz*lol because u can actually tell he truly LOVES♥♥ his fans, like he made a whole song for us. He always keeps us informed he constantly tells us he love us.also he works exetremely hard on what he does for us. He is just the best.i should be the co-host because i know how to.have fun, like torions fan call would def be turnt up to the max lol. Also because i could help out teamtorion who is maybe to shy to actually say something to him i could encourage them hype them up and stuff and i could help out people who might not know what to say to him. Like i dont just wanna co-host to talk to him because i could sjust enter the other contest and then talk to torion i actually wanna hype teamtorion up and help them in some kinda way if that makes any type of sense lol but yea #TeamTorionOrNothingAtAll

Maimoona said...

Helloo! My name is Maimoona (MAY-MOON-AH) my twitter name is @MindlessWaffles and I live in Ontario, Canada I commented on twerk don't hurt , practice , and don't judge me cover.

I love torion because he is unique awesome smart cool and yes cute too. I've been fan girling for him since he started and we really have a connection so maybe if we actually talk we would be on of the livest calls on fan calls. :-) <3 he is just amazing in words you can't explain. You gotta be #TeamTorion to feel the love for him.

Tania Higdon said...

My name is Tania.
My twitter name is @tanaynay_143
I live in New York.
I commented on Don't Judge Me cover, Twerk Don't Hurt, and Practice.
I love Torion because he.s an amazing artist that doesn't take his talent or fans for granted. He's always working hard trying to make Team Torion happy. From always making new music to being in twitter jail for tweeting to us too much.
I think I should be picked to be the Co-Host because I've been apart of Team Torion from the beginning and I really do love Torion and support him no matter what.

FanCalls said...

This contest is now over!!! Thanks to #TeamTorion for participating. #Salute