Friday, April 5, 2013

Torion Sellers Fancall

Guess what #TeamTorion, Torion Sellers will be doing Fancalls with us on Saturday April 6 at 3:10pm Eastern Standard Time. For details on his #WinaCall Contest click below.

BodyGuardz - The Mother of All Scratch Protectors

Musical prodigy, Torion Sellers-- the youngest artist ever to be signed to Young Money Entertainment will be hanging out with us on Saturday doing LIVE fancalls for #TeamTorion. If you are part of #TeamTorian you will NOT want to miss this. It's going down April 6, 2013 at 3:10pm Eastern Standard Time. We will open 300 phone lines for Fans to call in and listen to OR get a chance to talk to Torion. If you had a chance to talk to Torion, what would you say? We are offering TWO (2) contests for this Fancall. a Win a Call Contest and a Co-Host challenge. The contest guarantees that 2 fans will get a call from Torion. We will answer other calls from contest entries only!

**PLEASE MAKE SURE YOU READ ALL THE RULES BEFORE YOU POST YOUR COMMENT. NO ANSWERS WILL BE ACCEPTED ON TWITTER. All information should be posted below this article. No Double Entries**


1. Tell us your FIRST name
2. Tell us your TWITTER name
3. Tell us what STATE you live in, how old you are and must be following @torionsellers and @fancalls on Twitter.
4. Go to this link and pick your FAVORITE Torion Sellers song, listen to it, copy the link to THAT song and post the LINK in the comment section on this page.
5. Tell us why THAT song is your favorite song by Torion.
6. Tell us what you would say if you get a chance to talk to Torion
7. Go to Youtube and like this video
8. Tweet "I entered #TorionSellersFancallContest! @fancalls @torionsellers"

Don't Judge Me (Cover by Torion)


ineeda_DOM said...

3.philadelphia, 15
5. i like it because i like the way he talks about the girl and how she makes him smile
6.i would tell him how much i love him and how much i support him in everything he do


Nmae - Zaryah
twitter name - ZaryahSellers
state - GA im 13 :)
Turn Me Up just gets me HYPE like i be in Z O N E you knoe
if i won i tell torion that hes a talented boy and he is like beautiful you have dope music ill be supporting you for a long long L O N G time and you are a inspiring person i love you ! and ill ask him a few questions and yeah mainly that

Nae Hall said...
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Nae Hall said...

2.Twitter Name: @Bahjas_Twin_Nae
3.State:Ohio,15 :)
5.I Chose this Song Because Every time i hear it It makes me smile, Even when im in a bad mood.. it puts a Smile on my Face..It Makes Me Feel Confident About My Self when i smile.
6.If I Got a Change to Speak to Torion i Would tell Him How Much i Adore him, How i LOVE His Voice, i would tell him How Amazing of an artist He is, Why i Listen to His Music,How Much i LOVE Him and im Proud to be apart of #TeamTorion.i WouldTell him i would wanna make a song with him lol & He Is The Best!!

Tania Higdon said...

Twitter Name- @tanaynay_143
State: New York Age: 15
Fans It's You is my favorite song because it shows how much Torion loves his fans through the entire song. It shows that hes really grateful for what his fame has gotten him so far and that he doesnt take any of it for granted.
If I got a chance to talk to Torion, I would tell him what an amazing person he is and what an amazing talent he has, how much I love him and what an amazing singer he is.

shyasia Howard Howard said...
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ShyAsia said...

1.Name- ShyAsia
2.Twitter Name- @PrettiGurllShii
3.State- NEW YORK!!
4.Age- 15
6.I Love PriceLess because the lyrics mean alot to me. and he makes me feel like i truly am PriceLess :)when i listen to it, it makes me feel different like im in another world!
7. If i was to talk to torion it would make me cry becuase he means the world to me and i will always be #TEAMTORION i would ask him what things does he do when hes not performing or practicing and when are we going on that date and facetiming we talked about? LOL! :)

Shaunie Love said...

Hey Guys its Shaunie Love thats (@shaunie_luv) from twitter and I am 16 years old reppin NYC shawty. Just ONE of my faves >>> I love this song because it reminds me of.. ME when I was fangirling over Chris Brown when he first came out!! You couldnt tell me NOTHING dawg lol. Na but when he says "Oh Nicki you so fine, Oh Nicki you blow my mind, I just wanna kick it with you". Thats all I wanted to do with Chris... Just kick it. lol but yea this song brings back memories!!! and those are the best things to have (when they are good). If I was to get the chance to talk to my nutter butter over the phone, i'd just tell him I love him, im so proud of him, I'd tell him the new nickname I made for him and i'd ask him to be my prom date... again (lol) cause last time he said MAYBE and thats too close to NO. and shaunie dont play tht. lol BUT LOVE U TORION.

Shakira said...

Name : Shakira
Twitter Name : Shakira_GetIt
State : New Jersey 16

Favorite Song: Smile - Scream Tour Mixtape

The reason why Smile is my favorite song by Torion because it makes me feel proud and never fails to fill my heart with love. Torion's vocals in this song gets high up there and he achieves it very well. I love smiling especially if Torion is the reason :) .

What would I say to Torion Sellers?
- I would freak out and tell him how much I love him. I would also thank him for his inspirational music. Also tell him how much I enjoyed him performing at the Scream Tour Concert. I want to prove to him I am #TeamTorion and maybe even make future plans to hang out .

ziya said...

my name is ziya my twitter name is ziya_livinmylif i live in philly and im 14. i love this song because it shows off his talented voice also becaus this is one of the songs that i first fell in love with. this so shows that he really cares about us and how humble he is. its amazing how much he loves teamtorion. also this song just has that type of loving vibe to it. if i got the chance to talk to torion i would first tell him i LOVE HIM SOOO much and how me is really talented and that he needs to make his way to philly blah blah blah lol just get all my fangirling out the way then just actually have a convo with him like actually tal and get to know him or even sing too him but of course there would not be enough time for ALL that lol #TeamTorionOrNothingAtAll

Danielle Harris said...

1.Name- Danielle
2.Twitter- @Daanielleee___ (3 underscores)
3.State- Michigan Age- 14

5.Smile is my favorite song by Torion because when ever I'm down and need something to change my mood this song always find someway to brighten my day no matter what is going on.

6.If I got a chance to talk to Torion I would tell him how his music has been and impact on #TeamTorion and how much I support no matter what and to just thank him for being him and thank him for making good music that I can listen to everyday no matter. Lastly I would tell him that he is beyond talented and he is great at what he do. #TeamTorionGoHard

Anonymous said...

1)Hiya ! ^_^ I'm Celene .
2)@___iAmLeLe (3 underscores)
3)state of GA , 14 years young
4)Reality Is -
5)Reality Is is my favorite song by Torion b/c it really explains the type of life he has singing, & it relates to the real world.
6)If I got a chance to talk to Torion, I'd ask him about how he got started in the business, & how has his life changed, & I'd just keeo a normal conversation going b/t the two of us! and I'd also tell him how talented he is ^_^

fantasiasellers1 said...

SMILE is my favorite song by torion because whenever i'm in a bad mood i listen to this song and it cheers me up instantly. And it changes up my day from bad to excellent no matter how bad the situation was.

if i got the chance to talk to torion i would talk to him about how much he's changed my life with his music and how much he has inspired me to sing again. i love how determined and dedicated he is to his music and how far he has come he is a phenomenal artist and will go far within this coming year of 2013 #TEAMTORIONORNOTHINGATALL

Fally said...


Practice , Smile , Champion & Quit Frontin'...Lol, sorry.. I couldn't choose
- He knows that I be practicing & I can't wait to call him when I'm done practicing because i think about him during jk! I just really love this song, another one of my addictives & I love the meaning behind it! The song just draws me in.
When I first heard this song, it had truly lifted up my mood, and had me looking intensively to the lyrics. This song came with an affect to actually make me smile, and I've been addicted ever since.
- I am a champion, and this song also motivated me. And this song made me understand that I shouldn't let anything or anyone knock me down that I can & will win. & i should always stay on my game.
I Love This song because 1 the beat, 2 it's a song that makes you actually want to get up and just dance along with the song with him. The lyrics also are very sweet and compelling

If I got the chance to conversate with Torion , I would tell him that he has a true gift & talent & I couldn't wait for the world to see what I see in him...& I'll make Sure he knows that I'll support him till the end!

Maimoona (May-Moon-Ah) said...

1. Maimoona
2. @MindlessWaffles
3. Ontario, Canada 14 years Young :-)
4. Smile :DDDDD
5. Because whenever I see torion I smile and whenever I hear the song I just smile ear to ear and it brightens up my day everyday <3
6. I would talk about what he is gonna do in his future career, what kind of girls he is interested in, if he might have his own tour next summer and if he is gonna come to different countries because I live in Canada so :D

Tenee Sellers said...

Twitter: @jsg_wifeey
Philly, 15.(:
I love this song because with me always competing in dance its hard to always stay on my game, because I might do good at one competition then bad at the next and this song helps me turn up right before I go on stage after a bad performance and at the end of the dance whether I did good or bad I feel like its all thanks to Torion for helping me at least get through that dance.
If I had the chance to talk to Torion.....honestly I wouldn't even know where to begin. Hes one of my biggest inspirations, hes super talented, and of course it helps that hes super cute.(: Hahaha after the scream tour in philly I also went to the scream tour in Georgia during my vacation just to see you again. Hahaha im gonna always stay reppin you. #TeamTorionOrNothingAtAll legggoo Oh yeah and we still having the basketball 1 on 1 because imma be the champion.(: aha sorry Tori. <3

Destiney said...

My name is Destiney Williams & my twitter name is @Missionmrsa & I am from TN!!! I commented on

1. Twerk Dont Hurt (
2. Torion Performing at Zumba Workout (

3. Chris Brown- Don't Judge Me (Cover By Torion) (
I love Torion Because he is a very great entertainer! He is always going 100 for his fans & never lets us down. He is very passionate about what he does and you can tell in every performance. I love how he interacts with fans and always makes us feel apperciated! Torion is an amazing person and artist and that is what makes him different from other artists. Some artists don't interact with his fans like he does & i really appreciate that! If I was picked to be the Co-Host the whole time we would #Turnup! Turn down for what??!!!? When your on the phone with Torion!!!!! With me & Torion everybody will be Turnt up!!! I mean how can you not be turnt up with Torion on the phone?!??!?!? So that's why you should pick me to Turn up with Torion on fan calls!! #TURNDOWNFORWHAAAAAAAAAT

P.S Torion, we finna turn up!! ;)

snell.diamond said...

Age: 15
i love this song because i can relate to it this feeling of people not understanding me and its only that one person who can make it better that one person who gets u out of ALL people who can make your day so much better save you from the pain
if i got a chance to talk to torion i would tell him how much he means to me and that he should come back to chicago asap because i miss him so much and havent secuaseeen him since scream tour :( and i am hurt by that!! lol

Amber said...

1. Amber
2. @_holycheese
3. Florida, 14 years old
5. Smile is my favorite song by Torion because it portrays his amazing vocal talent and when the bass drops I just feel happy and that song can make me smile whenever I listen to it.
6. If I got to talk to Torion I'd probably be shaking! But I would definitely tell him how much I love and support him. I'd also ask about tours/performances and when he's coming back to Florida again cause when he performed at the scream tour (miami) I was hooked. And maybe ask for a follow back on twitter, if I'm not too shocked or shy haha!

Anonymous said...

Ayanna sellers
14 years young
I love this song because the lyrics are what every girl what's to hear.Whenever I'm down I put it on and picture torion singing it to me .I first heard Smile when he came to d-town with diggy me and my twin were on the verge of crying .Plus he can sannggg !!
If I had the chance to talk to torion I would ask him umm...when does he plan on having his own tour this summer?His craziest fan experience? Where does he see hiself in 10 years? I would also ask him if he didn't mind to follow me on twitter and sing to me

FanCalls said...

This contest is now over, thanks to #TeamTorion for Reppin Torion today. Winners will be announced shortly

Anonymous said...

1. Breona
2. @bre_jusdoinme
3. Virginia, 14 years old
5. Smile is my favorite song by Torion basically because whenever I'm down I listen to this song and it makes me feel better after listening to the words and his voice.^_^
6. If I had the chance to talk to Torion I would tell him how much his music means to me.<3