Monday, July 29, 2013

Jawan Harris Co Host Challenge

Jawan Harris returns to Fancalls on August 16th. Want a chance to talk to him or maybe co host his fancalls?

The one and only Mr. It's On himself returns to Fancalls on August 16 and that could be your lucky day! Want to talk to him LIVE? Want to co host his Fancalls. Follow the simple rules below and YOU could be chosen to talk to him and represent for #TeamJawan.

**PLEASE MAKE SURE YOU READ ALL THE RULES BEFORE YOU POST YOUR COMMENT. NO ANSWERS WILL BE ACCEPTED ON TWITTER. You CAN enter both contests but your answers must be different. All information should be posted below this article. No Double Entries**  Double entries include posting a second comment, adding additional information in another comment, or creating another twitter account to enter to increase your chances of winning Good Luck!!

Co-Host Challenge Rules
What does a Co-host do? It's simple, the co-host not only gets a call from Jawan, but they get to stay on the line during the entire call AND they assist with picking what phone calls will be answered. They also tweet and replyto tweets on Twitter during Jawan's Fancalls to #TeamJawan and #JawanJunkies.

1. You MUST have Jawan's name or #TeamJawan #JawanJunkies listed in your bio or Twitter Name and must be following @singerjawan @iammommanae and @fancalls on Twitter.
2. Create a VIDEO that explains to Jawan why you are a part of #TeamJawan or #JawanJunkies and let him know how much you miss him. You can use pictures, signs, posters or just talk to him in your video. Post the link to your Youtube video below. You need to be VERY creative to win.
3. Tell us your FIRST name, your Twitter name and what State/Country you live.
4. Tell us why you think YOU should be chosen as the co-host. "I should to be co host because I....."
5. All of the above information should be posted in the comment section below
6. After doing all of the above; Tweet "I completed the #JawanHarrisFancallsCoHost CHALLENGE @fancalls @singerjawan" THREE Times between 11am-12pm on Thursday August 15, 2013.

Here is your second chance to talk to Jawan on August 16


IG: @itsmimisworld said...

Name: Te'Mia, I prefer MiMi

Twitter: @theeWORLDofMiMi

State: Richmond, VA

Video Link:

I should be co-host because

1. I have an outgoing personality. If you're gonna co host I feel like you shouldn't be afraid to interact with different people.

2. I go hard for Jawan! My mom's drove me 4 hours to Philly, and 8 hours to ATL just to meet him!!! I've been a junky since another planet premiered on 106 & Park, Every contest he does, I'm in there. I will always support the Team Jawan movement.

Short and simple lol, thank you so much for the opportunity ! <3

Vy_SoOfficial said...

Name : Vy

Twitter: Vy_SoOfficial

State :Alabama

Video Link :

I Should Be The Co-Host Because , it is an amazing opportunity and lets me get a chance to meet more fans apart of #TeamJawan !

I Am Apart Of #TeamJawan because, I love Jawan he is super amazing an talented and cares a lot about his fans. Also , Jawan Is down to earth && Have You Noticed He Is Fine ! #TeamJawan Is Also The Best Team Ever ! No Team ! Can TURNUP more than #TeamJawan ! We Stay Turntup !

I Am Apart Of #TeamJawan To Support Jawan In Everything He Does & Also, show him I'm A True Fan !

love1046 said...

14 from Chicago,Illinois
I should be the co host of the fan calls because I really love team junkies and I really want to do this so bad......... I really love Jawan and I feel this is a great way of supporting him and I want to support him so please pick me to co host the fan calls please it would be very awesome if I got picked

Here's the video of y I should be picked

☯Overdosed ||| said...

Video Link:
Name: Fally
Twitter: SimpleeFally
State: Atlanta, GA

Reason StateMent: I think I should be co-host because I'm a truly dedicated supporter of the talented teen artist Jawan Harris, but I'm also aware that I'm the only one because Jawan does have alot of people who go in for him. It would mean alot to me to be his co-host. I've been supporting him for a long time, and I'm pretty sure I know Almost everything about him lol. I hope my video helps a bit with my explanation but I really do Love and appreciate Jawan. He's truly an inspiration. And plus I know how to turn up with Jawan and the team ❤

Myra said...

Name: Myra
Country: U.S.
State: Missouri
City: St. Louis
Twitter: @myraasworld

Video Link:

I want to co-host this fancall because im dedicated to TeamJawan, im very appreciative of Jawan taking time out of guys bust schedule to sit and do these fancalls, and i just want to let him know that im behind him 100 percent and i always will be. I love you Jawan.

I am apart of TeamJawan, Jawanjunkies, because its like a family. We all get each other because we have so much love for Jawan. Its allowed me to meet and get to know alot of cool, down to earth girls that i can actually bond with and go crazy over Jawan with. Lol. Its just beyond inspirational, and i love every bit of it.

Sumerlin said...


I Should Be Picked to Co-Host because its a great oppurinuity to get to actually talk and host with Jawan <3 I would be extreamlly thrilled to hear all the girls scream because Jawan called them , This Co-Host challenge means everything because I never got a chance to do anything like this before plus Jawan is my inspriation He showed me its okay to me who you are (: God Bless and good luck everyone I Love You Jawan

Autumn said...

Name: Autumnnnn

Twitter: @_JetsetterMuwah

18, from Detroit, MI

Last Digits: 5487

Im #TeamJawan because I LOVE him, he is such a sweetheart. He interacts with his supporters..he always return the love by doing fan calls, ustream, bringing girls on stage. Detroit LOVES him, and he know every time he here we TURN UP. I feel as if i have the best personality to be a co host, you have to be fun, outgoing, and not be scared to talk to jawan and interact with him. I remember when Jawan said he notice and remember me from the last show and twitter and it felt good because the person i support actually notice how hard i go for him and that shows im doing my part. We are a family, and i would love to tell him myself how hard i go for HIM. #TeamJawan ITS ON! <333

Autumn said...

Triple Threat Tour Pt 2, 2013

Kendra143 said...

Twitter: @_ _hipstah
I should be co-host because.. i have been a jawan junkie from the absolute beginning support jawan and love him with all my heart. He has helped me stay as the positive person i am today through his music and his great personality! I support eveything he does 110% he is very loyal to us fans and l just adore him for that! I have been rocking with jawan since the beginning all the from "another planet" to his legit mixtape "Its On" i am a very loyal fan who has never gaven up on him and never will! I would love to just talk to him i have never had the chance to meet or even talk to jawan so im hoping and praying this will actually be my chance!! :)

We Love Torion♥ said...

Name: Keonia
Twitter: @Obey_Keonia
I'm 15 from Detriot,MI
Last 4 digits: 5309
I'm a #JawanJunkie because I love him. I've been #TeamJawan since I saw him on 106&Park singing "Another Planet" with Chris Brown. I googled him and downloaded all the kinds of pictures. Then his song "Nobody" came out and I was hooked on his voice. I love Jawan because even when he doesn't have time to tweet us he still work hard for us. He goes hard for his team and I go hard for him. I love Jawan smile and personality. I remember when he was on ustream and we asked him to sing and he said what song and I said "Kiesha" and "Another Planet" at the same time and he laughed and said I don't think that's possible.
My phone wouldn't let me do the video but I would love tobe a co-host or talk to him. I know how to Turn-up. Everybody would have a good time. I would have EVERYBODY in there Turnt-up!! Nobody would be boring. :) #TeamJawan #JawanJunkies