Monday, July 29, 2013

Malachiae Fancalls

Malachiae will be LIVE on Fancalls August 12

Last Night we spoke to @Malachiae and the #ChiaeBabies.Malachiae and Amber (Fancalls) were Turnt Up. Malachiae was very excited to talk to his fans. Listen in here

Malachiae's thoughts on Fancalls

Malachiae's Fancalls

Our Co-host Kaitie sings to Malachiae

Malachiae sings to Ms Elaine


Here is the original contest! Thank you to everyone who entered

**PLEASE MAKE SURE YOU READ ALL THE RULES BEFORE YOU POST YOUR COMMENT. NO ANSWERS WILL BE ACCEPTED ON TWITTER. All information should be posted below this article. No Double Entries, double entries will disqualify you. Double entries include adding additional information in a separate comment or creating a new twitter comment to increase your chances of winning** Good Luck!!

Co-Host Challenge Rules

What does a Co-host do? It's simple, the co-host not only gets a call from Malachiae, bu they get to stay on the line during the entire call AND they assist with which phone calls will be answered. They also tweet, reply to tweets and represent for #TeamMalachiae.

There will only be ONE Co host But you can still talk to Malachiae. Calls will only be chosen from the entries here on the page. Tell us what you would like to ask Malachiae. 
Be Creative!

1. You MUST have Malachiae's name or #TeamMalachiae listed in your bio or Twitter Name and must be following @Malachiae and @fancalls on Twitter.
2. Go to Malachiae's Youtube Channel    subscribe, like and comment on THREE different videos
3. Tell us your FIRST name, your Twitter name, the last 4 digits of your phone number and what State/Country you live in and which videos you commented on.
4. In the comment section below, tell us WHY you love Malachiae and what makes him different than other artists and why YOU should be chosen as the co-host. "choose me as the co host because..."
5. Want to ask Malachiae a question? What would you ask him if you had a chance to talk to him?
6. After doing all of the above; Tweet "I completed the #MalachiaeFancallsCoHost CHALLENGE @fancalls @malachiae" THREE Times between 6pm-7pm Monday April 12, 2013.


K A I T I E said...



Last four digits...6482


Videos I commented on:

1) "Off My Mind"

2)"Turn On The Lights" ChiaeMix

3)"All Gold Everything" Cover

I love Malachiae because he always stays true to himself and is beyond loyal to his fans. I've been a fan since the beginning, so I'm proud to say that I've been there through it all. He's come so far and I believe he has a very bright future in music. Whenever he chooses to come to the Bay, I'll be right there to cheer him on(: Malachiae's different from other artists because he always makes time to interact with his fans and show that he loves us. If you think about it, not a lot of artists do that nowadays. He's also different from other artists because he always walks to the beat of his own drum. You should choose me as the co host because I'm a loyal fan and supporter of Malachiae, I want him to be the best artist he can be and I'm willing to help in any way I possibly can, I've been there through it all, and co hosting the fan calls would a great and memorable experience for me.

If I was to ask Malachiae a question, I'd ask him what he plans to accomplish throughout his career.

Malachiae said...

Dajah Hargett

Twitter name: @TorionBabyyyy

Last 4 digits: 9226

City/Country:Raleigh,North Carolina

I Commented on "What makes you beautiful", "All gold everything" and "Neva End" (Of course I susbscribe to him)

First off I'm a new fan of Malachiae. I joined #TeamMalachiae on the 25th of this month. I think Malachiea just has a different style then most artist. His music is AMAZING. I love the fact that he can cover any song and make it his own. His cover's to rap songs are just amazing. I mean he makes the songs have soul in them (lol). I mean like he make them sound like orignal R&B songs and not rap soongs. I love Malachiae the first day I found out about him. His style is just so different and unique I love that about him. I also love that he takes the time out to talk to his fans on twitter. I think Malachiae aka Chiae is Simply AMAZING! I honestly can't stop talking about him since I found about him. I thank you Fancalls for introducing me too him :) #TeamMealachiae #MalachiaeManiacs

If I could ask malachiae a question I would ask him Do he have any future collaborations.

♡ Shaunnie ♡ said...

TwitterName: @CallMeShaunnie_
Chicago IL
I commented on Dirty Laundry ,Suit and Tie ,and How Many Drinks?"

Well It all started on Halloween of 2012, when i went to a concert where Malachiae was performing at.. um so it was me and my mom (she doesnt understand why i love "these stars") but malachaie had came out to perform.. let me tell u went i saw that gorgeous face i thought i was in heaven. so he came over and sung his cover to Dont judge me to me... and OMG i was dying on the inside.. lol But when i got home i downloaded his songs to my laptop listened to them eveeery single day i still do actually. Malachiae is my inspiration like his style is way different than what u would see everyday. He interacts with his fans every chance he gets. I think he is pretty serious about his music career. he is so cool and he acts normal. he dont let anything get in his way. On one of his ustreams he stayed up till like 2 in the morning to talk to us and then the next night he did it all over again then he did that 2 more times.. and i was there on all 4 nights... Malachiae is afraid to be himself.. He original. I love Malachiae soooooo much! #TeamMalachiae till im 6 feet under! lol

I would ask questions like where do he see his self in like 5 to 10 years?

victoria said...

Hi My Name is Victoria
#. 2092
State/Country: Detroit, MI, United States

The Videos of Malachiae's that I Liked/ Commented on were Dirty Laundry, How Many Drinks, Neva End and Off My Mind.

I Love Malachiae because, he is very nice, open-minded, smart, talented, heart-warming, loving, and much much more. Malachiae
Is different from other artist because, he takes time out of his day to interact w/ this friends/ fans. He ask for our opinions, he gets on ustream, and most of all he don't wait around to do
something. He does it right away.

I believe I should co-host I been a fan a lil bit after the #CopyPaste Cover. And I Been watching his ustreams when him and @SupperMonteCarlos use to ustream together all the time. And i've been asking to talk to him on twitter. Plus I missed him when he was the surprise guess.#TeamMalachiae