Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Torion Tuesdays

Today is #TorionTuesday. Who will be on the phone with Torion today? Sign up now

Once a month we celebrate Torion by performing #TorionTuesdays Fancalls. We will tweet about Torion and post info on our Facebook page with the hashtag #TorionTuesdays so if your part of #TeamTorion please make sure you do the same. If you want to talk to Torion tonight, please sign up below.

Post your first name, your twitter name, the state or country you live in and the last 4 digits of your phone number. Did you take a picture with Torion, make a fan video or have a favorite Torion Sellers video? Post it here with your comment. #TeamTorion leggo! #TwerkDontHurt!! Tonight's #Fancalls with @torionsellers will be co hosted by Fally @Simplefally.

TONIGHT!! Please make sure you tweet
"@torionsellers @simpleefally @fancalls #TorionTuesdaysFancalls"+ the last 4 digits of your phone number when you are on the line waiting to talk to Torion tonight.

Torion was touched by the passing of our hosts' mother last week and sings 'Its So Hard To Say Goodbye' to Ms Elaine

Torion Tuesdays Fancalls (August 2013)

Torion is making #TeamTorion #SMILE!!!!!!