Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Young Swerve Fancalls

Fans got a chance to finally talk to Young Swerve on Fancalls

Ja’Quan Harris, who goes by the name Young Swerve, is the Youngest Rap Artist and Song Writer in the Central Pennsylvania Area. Young Swerve was born in Lancaster, Pennsylvania and made his way to Harrisburg Pennsylvania by the age of 4. Raised by a single mother and the oldest out of his two other siblings, Swerve is making his way to the top.

Swerve started his career at the age of 9 by competing against his friends in rap battles at his school and in his neighborhood. By the age of 11, Young Swerve made his first song called “Set Up” which he wrote on his own. By the time Young Swerve was 12 years old, and 9 immature songs later, Young Swerve created a major fan base within Eastern Pennsylvania. Young Swerve goes on to perform in places like Philadelphia Pennsylvania, York Pennsylvania, Lancaster Pennsylvania, Pittsburgh Pennsylvania and also Baltimore Maryland. In late 2011, at the age of 13 Young Swerve made his debut song called “Sickest Flow” which was played on the local Radio Station in Harrisburg Pennsylvania and Smash Radio which its a international Internet Radio show and in his middle school every Friday. Later that year Young Swerve made his first Major Music Video of “Sickest Flow” which he created a larger fan base from Pennsylvania; Atlanta, Georgia; Alabama; Maryland; and overseas in France and London. Performing at different events such as Sweets 16's to opening up shows from Lil Trill, Gucci Mane, to being nominated in the Central Pennsylvania Hip Hop Awards, Young Swerve goes to different schools and other organization and talk to his peers about the importance of balancing school and his music career. He volunteers his time by teaching other youth how to write music, self promote and performance and interacting with the crowd.
In February 2012, Young Swerve’s Mixtape called “Class In Session was released and had sold over 400 copies through his fans and individuals who have been supportive of his career since day one. In 2012, Young Swerve goes on to perform from Philadelphia Pa to Los Angeles Ca. Young Swerve is a consistent and motivated youth who is ready to become the next big Artist. 

On July 17, 2013 we had a chance to get Young Swerve on the phone with his fans on Fancalls. Listen in...