Saturday, August 24, 2013

Kid Lucas Fancalls

Get ready for Kid Lucas on Fancalls

#TeamKidLucas hope you're ready for @IamKidLucas Fancalls. We will be talking to him LIVE on August 28 and you can be part of the excitement. Sign up now to join. Follow the instructions below.

Post your information in the comment section below
1. Tell us your FIRST name, your Twitter name, the last 4 digits of your phone number and what State/Country you live.
2. Follow @IamKidLucas and @Fancalls
3. Tell us what you would ask Kid Lucas if he answered your call. We are looking for the funniest, most unusual, interesting questions. Be creative! "If I could ask Kid Lucas one question, I would ask..."
4. The co host for #KidLucasFancalls will be @YesItsBre__. As co host she will receive a phone call from Kid Lucas AND help pick which phone calls get answered by him from the comment below. Please DO NOT post your entire phone number, just the last 4 digits (that is all we can see on our switchboard)
5. On August 28 call into 215-383-5057 then Tweet "@YesItsBre__ I want to talk to Kid Lucas #KidLucasFancalls @fancalls @IamKidLucas and the last 4 of your phone number" THREE Times between 7-8pm eastern time. We gonna #TurnUp on August 28 with Kid Lucas. You ready? We're ready.....#Leggo!!!