Saturday, August 17, 2013

Beliebers Did It

Thank you to all the #Beliebers on Twitter today that helped to trend this WORLDWIDE!

We knew you could do it. At 3:38pm #JustinBieberFancalls was the #1 trend and Justin Bieber was #2. Beliebers kept the TOP TWO WORLDWIDE trends about JUSTIN!!! We salute you! WE want to say a very special thank you to @JBCrewdotcom for all of their help with today's trend. If you're not following them please do so NOW! We await confirmation on #JustinBieberFancalls and will post updates when available thank you again for all of your help and support today. #BelieberPower!! Keep tweeting #JustinBieberFancalls @Justinbieber @Scooterbraun @fancalls


official Mrs.Bieber said...

give me a chance please