Thursday, August 15, 2013

Memorable Moments

Have you had a chance to talk to one of your favorite artists, celebrities or personalities on the phone with us? Tell us about your experience

We have conducted many Fancalls over the last few years and wanted to know what YOUR experience was like. Do you have a memorable moment you would like to share? Who did you get a chance to talk to with us? Tell us who you spoke to (using their twitter name) and yours and tell us what it meant to you in the comment section below. Thanks!


MisfitGirlly-spiffy said...

The first time i figured out about @FanCalls Mrs.Elan is really helpful to me and if feel like i can tell her anything about me

MyZone said...

I have some of the most memorable moments with fancalls. My most top 4 moments with fancalls I have done.
4. @ImBenJBro ( NewBoyz ) I really wanted to talk to him & I thought I was going to be nervous to talk to him but I was really chilled & I love when he saidI love you too boo. That parts gets me hehe.
3. @ImDayDay ( The Rangers ) I was so nervous to talk to him like I really love the rangers & I never thought I would really speak to him. It's was a blessing talking 2 him & I heard Langston & Julian in the background to of my fancall. When I said my age to DayDay I heard Julian said ayeeeee it was dope.
2. Torion @torionsellers when he did fancalls I was excited and all but then I couldn't make it cuz I had to work so I had wait until the very next one. So when my b-day was around Rob ( My Big Bro ) surprise me with a fancall from Torion I was like are u serious Torion like I couldn't believe it I was shaking when I spoke to him on the phone. When Torion sing happy birthday to me & said my name in the song I was blushing so hard. I was so happy to speak to him. Thank You Big Bro ^_^
1. Jxavier @Jxavierofficial how this happened was it was very first time with fancalls. Rob surprise me with a fancall with Jxavier i didn't know what was going on cuz I was new to everything with fancalls so I just got used to it. But Jxavier I was wasn't expecting a call from him like I didn't know he was on the line at all so it was dope. Plus every time I listen to it I just blush & smile. Like I can't listen to the whole thing I always pause on it I don't know why. Haha but it was very nice talking to him with fancalls.
Every since I known about fancalls I have been a supporter to fancalls & 4real magazine ( Ms.E ) s/o 2 Rob ( big bro miss u so much ) & Amber ( Big sis ) they always do so much 4 fans from all over the world. They show how we could get a chance to speak to our favorite artist that we support everyday & I'm glad that I met them Thank You so Much Rob, Amber & of Course Ms.E!!! I Love Y'all #FanCallNation

Nancy said...

My favourite fancalls moment was talking to Torion! Because it was my first time! It was special to me because he sang my favourite song of his to me! And even though I was so nervous, ms. e made me laugh and I got more comfortable and I enjoyed it! Thanks fancalls!