Friday, September 20, 2013

Torion Tuesdays

Torion spends a great deal of time in the studio and on Twitter (@torionsellers). In an effort to show love to his fans and supporters, he recently released 'Anything She Wants'. Find out how YOU can win a chance to talk to him on Tuesday September 24 as we continue with the Torion Tuesdays Fancalls Series
Torion Sellers stands at the beginning of a career that promises to be as long as it is impactful. A study in precociousness, he sings, dances and commands the stage with the confidence that belies his years. As his fanbase continues to grow, Torion takes time out of his busy schedule on a daily basis to respond to fans and show love to his supporters on Twitter. In September 2013, Torion took fan appreciation to completely different level with the release of his new hit single Anthing She Wants; where he includes some of his supporters' names in the song.

In this video Torion tells the ladies she can get "Anything She Wants, don't worry bout them digits. Let her get Anything She Wants. I'm talking bout H&M, Foot Locker, Forever 21 Anything She Wants, Anything She Wants!" Sounds to me that Torion is willing to do whatever it takes to make the ladies feel really special.

Watch the video above and then in the comment section tell us
If Torion Sellers took you shopping, what would be the one thing that he could get you or do for you  that would make you feel extra special. The most creative answer wins.

If you have never spoken to Torion before, here is YOUR chance.We will pick 5 winners that will receive a phone call from Torion on Tuesday. If time allows we will choose several other calls to be answered. Winners and random calls will be chosen from the entries here on this page only.

****Torion Tuesday Fancalls will start at 5pm Eastern Standard Time, 4pm Central, 2pm Pacific, 10pm UK time. International Fans welcome to apply! Winners will be announced on Twitter and Dm'ed to obtain your phone number.

This contest starts today and ENDS Monday September 23 at 2 pm Eastern Time, 1pm Central, 11am Pacific Time and 7pm UK time
 Here are the rules:
Please make sure to post in your comment
Your first name
Twitter name
The state you live in
and the last 4 digits of the phone number you are calling from.
You must be following Torion and Fancalls on Twitter.  
Before you click the post button make sure you have all the information listed above in your comment.
Double entries (more than one comment from the same person) will disqualify you. If you are chosen as a winner, Torion will call you and your phone call will last 3 minutes.
Please make sure to have any questions for him ready. Team Torion leggo! Good Luck to all.
photo credit: WCP
Video: Young Money Entertainment, in association with Hood Hard Hitmakers
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Christinew Wright said...

i love u Torion Turn up

Naomi said...

If Torion could give me anything I want I wouldnt ask for anything because he has already given me so much. He has given me amazing music to listen to and not to mention he is very handsome.. Im so proud to be a fan and I already know he LOVES his fans and supporters. I think hes given me everything I wanted. I love you Torion everything inside and out! I would love to meet you again and speak to you.. It would be my dream!

♡ Shaunnie ♡ said...


(9/20/11) #1GIRL said...

number: 7862
state :New Jersey
If Torion took me shopping the most special thing he can buy me is an engadgement ring ♥♥ also matching jordans .Other than that just spending time with him would be special.♥♥

tamikaa said...


Rae August 16th said...

Milwaukee, Wisconsin
If Torion Took Me Shopping Something He Could Do Or Get To Make Me Feel Special Is, Hold My Hand Because I Don't Need All Those Material Things To Make Me Feel Special But Lawwwdd Him Just Holding My Hand Its Like When People See Us Their Like Aww They're Cute, Lml & Think We Together XD Imma Feel Special!

Jasmine said...

If I Went Shopping With Torion, The Only Thing I Would Ask Him To Buy Me Is His Time, So We Could Spend More Of It Together xD Haha He Wouldn't Have To Buy Me Anything His Presence Is Enough xD

chiechiey Makanga said...

name: Chiechiey
Twitter: @Iamchiechiey
I live in Manchester, UK
Last 4 digits: 8673
if I went shopping with Torion, I would want him to buy me matching snapbacks and just spending time with him will be the most amazing thing coz I love hime.

Mala said...

Twitter: @RatedDforDajah
4 digits: 9226
#TeamTorion #AnythingSheWant #TwerkDontHurt #TeamTorionAllOrNothing

Ms. Taylor said...

Name: Taylor
Twitter: @TrendyTay2Wice
State: Charlotte, NC
Last 4 Digits: 6888
If I went shopping with Torion, I'd want him to buy us matching Build-A-Bears or matching snapbacks. But one thing I would love for him to do to make me feel special is to sing Smile for me and take pictures with me in the little photo booth thing. But just to hold his hand and to walk around with him would mean so much to me. Having a conversation and just being with him is enough. I appreciate everything he does for his fans and it would mean a lot to me just to hang out with him. That'd make me feel special. :) #TeamTorion Or Nothing At All. Me+Torion= #Tayrion

Guest said...

First Name: Martinique
Twitter Name: The_confident_1
State : Washington DC
Last 4 Digits: 4859

If Torion Took Me Shopping the one thing he could get me I would want a necklace with a beautiful diamond because Torion would see me as his special diamond he would want the best 4 me. In return I would surprise him with a gift it would be something very special like a diamond watch. Plus I would ask him if we could take pictures together so it would be so special to me because Torion is a very humble gentleman & he would make me smile all the way ^_^

lıqɐq ɐssılǝɯ said...


Kalira B said...

New York

If i went shopping with Torion the one thing that he could get me or do for me that would make me feel extra special would be for him to buy us matching orange Jordans because I know its his favorite color. Also to just spend time with me and just do what teens do. Him caring about me is more than enough. I love you Torion. #AnyhingSheWant #GetLouder

☯Overdosed ||| said...


If Torion & I were to go shopping... I wouldn't want him to buy me anything... they wouldn't make me feel as special as being able to hang out with him and just to know that "hey...I had the best experience with one of my favorite artists, and nothing can change that..and I'll never forget that moment, that is something very essential and important to me. I'm grateful" so yea it's not about the material things...If we went shopping together... lol just being able to idk.. hang and chill with him...would rock my world. And then we could go to the arcade so I can beat him & head on down to get some cookies & cream Ice cream :D

Guest said...


MyTiRa said...

If torion was to ever take me shopping I wouldn't want him to get me anything thts really expensive because I don't need anything thts name brand to make me feel special I would probably wanna just make the time tht we spent together that day special and something that we could both remember. Since torion likes the SAINTS we could go out to eat nd watch the game with saints paraphernalia on but if torion could get or give me something special it would be the key to his heart nd to spend a week with him just us having fun

fantasia said...



if torion were to ever take me shopping i really wouldn't want anything honestly because it wouldnt be as special to me as getting to know torion more as a person.He's already given me more than i could ask for over the past few months he has given me a very special friend and he has found a very special place in my heart i want him to know that if we ever went shopping the material things wouldn't even matter to me just having his time and being in his presence would make me happy enough when it comes to these contests a lot of fans have to think about what their going to say but for me everything comes straight from my heart so i just wanna thank torion for being an amazing person and i would switch it around and do something very special for him and get him anything he wanted because he's done so much for me it's the least i could do love you so much torion <3

Mariah Yasmine Simmons said...


if torion were ever to take me shopping i wouldnt really want him to take me shopping i would just like to spend time with him and do what he wanted to i wouldnt want him to spend money on me just because im a really big fan and just to have the chance to spend time with him is an honner and i would be grateful

Bree said...


If torion could take me shopping I would want him to buy me a big bowl of IceCream so we can share it.

♡ ςΗαΚυωЯα ♡ said...


Maineyyyy said...

Name : Mainey
Twitter : @inFAMOUSkennedy / @TeamTorionPA
Philadelphia, Pa

"Anything She Want "
TBH if Torion Tells Me I Can Get Anything I Want.... I Wouldn't Want To Go To Shopping I Have My Own Money For All That lol TBH I Would Just Wanna Have A Fun Day With Him, (My Twin) His Sister Bri, His Cousin Skyler (They My Homies) Maybe Even Sean, Kelo & Mr. Todd & Mrs. Sellers ...Maybe Go To Like An Amusement Park, or Arnold's Laser Tagging, Paint Ball, Go Carts Maybe Even Skyzone and Afterward We Can Go Out To Eat or Something Than Torion & I can Maybe Go To The High Hills To Watch The Stars !


If Torion took me shopping I honestly really wouldn't want anything too expensive from him probably jusrt something like a little necklace with his name on it or a ring with our names engraved in it. But, honestly I wouldn't care if he actually didn't buy me anything because just me getting the chance to spend time with him would actually mean the world to me.

Karri said...

Illinois (Chicago)
I love the idea of matching outfits because I would definitely show off that we are together. (As long as they aren't too catchy and show off our individual style.) I also think a guy buying a girl a necklace or charm bracelet is romantic. So, add that on to his talent & looks .. And who wouldn't love him forever!

♥Ari♥ said...

My Name: Ariane
Twitter Name:@MzAriane
State I Live in: Georgia
Last 4-digits: 0998

If Torion took me shopping I would feel extra special if he sing Anything She Wants and i would ask to take Cute pictures in matching Snapbacks that say Team Torion!! :p lol..But I really wouldn't want anything.. just getting the chance to hangout with him would mean the world to me:)...i love Tori! Team Torion or Nothing At All♥