Saturday, September 21, 2013

WIn a Call From Dalton

Is Dalton your favorite member of IM5Band? Here's your chance to Win a Call from him

Congratulations to Alicia she received a phone call from Dalton of IM5. Listen to their conversation below

                                                                  Here is the original contest
Dalton says: I was born in Memphis, TN, but I moved to Dallas, TX with my family when I was 2.  I call Sunnyvale, TX home. I have always loved music. My Grandma signed me up for my first guitar lesson when I was 11, but I got really bored just learning to play for myself, so I asked my parents to sign me up for a local rock school.  I’ll never forget the feeling that I got when I was on stage for the first time. I knew it was for me. I played tons of gigs, from small clubs to sporting events in huge arenas, and I loved every minute of performing with the School of Rock in Frisco, TX. When I’m not working, I like to hang out and play video games or just sit and listen to music. My short-term goal is for IM5 to be on every girl’s pillowcase. I love my family, I love my friends, and I just love life!"

 To Win A Call From Dalton: 
answer the following in the comment section below
1. Tell us your first name, your Twitter name and the state you live in
2. Make a 1 minute video showing Dalton your best moves  Be Creative!!
3. You must be following @daltonIM5 @IM5band and @Fancalls on Twitter

Before you click the post button make sure you have all the information listed above in your comment. Double entries (more than one comment from the same person) will disqualify you. If you are chosen as a winner, Dalton will call you and your phone call will last 3 minutes. Please make sure to have any questions for him ready. #5ers leggo! Good Luck to all.

 ****IM5Band Fancalls will start at 7pm Eastern Standard Time, 6pm Central, 4pm Pacific, 12am UK time. International Fans welcome to apply! Winners will be announced on Twitter and Dm'ed to obtain your phone number.

This contest starts today and ENDS Wednesday September 25 at 2pm Eastern Time, 1pm Central, 11am Pacific Time and 7pm UK time
Tell Dalton on #Fancalls "I Love Everything About You!!"


Patty Cruz said...

Name: Patty
Twitter: @Patzy2222
Last four phone number digits: 7496
State: California

Tonirose said...

Hi I am tonirose but you can call my toni for short. I am from new jersey and my twitter name is @foreverim5

always will be a 5er said...

Nabeela, @AriqatNabeela California, San Jose
So to save you guys from the blinding I cant dance to save my life
I follow all of them who doesn't and I follow @FanCalls

Zhenelle said...

Zhenelle, @Draculas_Queen, St. Louis, Missouri Last 4: 6376. I follow all of iM5 and fan calls and the . I like to sing so be ready

Liz said...

1. i'm liz aka @B3HL3ND0RF & i live in illinois :)

2. [sings] i don't dance noOooOoOo

3. i'm following all three!

Guest said...

Name: Nithika
Twitter Name: @JustNithika
Last 4 digits: 3790
State: California

IM5 Daily Updates said...

Name: Ralitsa
Twitter name: @IM5AreTheBest
I want to make 1 minute video but I can't dance very well
Last 4 digits: 6998
State: California
btw thanks for making this! :) you are the best!!

Zhenelle said...

Last 4 digits: 6376

Gileen❤☁ said...

1) My name's Gileen (pronounced Jill and then een), my Twitter is @GilLuvsUx3, and I live in New York City!

2) i can't dance for my life. don't judge

3) followed :)

Madison Rae Dockter said...

My name is Alicia
I live in Indiana.
My twitter name- dalton_for_dayz
My attempts at dancing-
Last four digits- 4203

Madison Rae Dockter said...

I had to use my friends Facebook account! Haha!

Guest said...

I'm Kylie
I live in california
My twitter name @Kyliedunham
last four digits 2407
and I'm a huge Dork!!

Kylie Dunham said...

'm Kylie

I live in california

My twitter name @Kyliedunham

last four digits 2407

and I'm a huge Dork!!

Khanh Tran said...

HELLO! My name is Khanh (sounds like con), my other name is IM5lover5ever on twitter and I'm from Virginia, where you should come to because you have AWESOME FANS OVER HERE (;

I don't got no moves but I have a photo for you. Sorry if my picture for you guys creeps you out but EVERYTHING ABOUT YOU IT'S PERFECT, IT'S AMAZING! <3

I don't really have a funny question but:
What is your own definition of happiness?

And of course I followed you guys, that's the only reason why I have @IM5lover5ever.

rumblrROOAAAR~ said...

Sup? I'm Hanna, currently living in California, also known as @CrazyTeaLady39 ! Last four digits are 7780 and This is the only video I could find that I'm in, sorry that its so long!

Chau Tran said...

Hi, my name is Chau. ( pronouns Chow)
My sister and I share a twitter account dedicated to im5. So don't disqualify us if u see more then one @im5lover5ever
State:U.S Virginia
Instagram:chauctrant -
Question: how long do u stay in the shower?

♡ ali ♡ said...

hiii. x My Name is Ali. my twitter is @kendallsnachos.

I live in Austin, Texas!

For my Hidden talent i made a song on garage band with just my voice and hands. :)

Question: I lost my number! can i have yours?

and of course i follow them all! :)

Jasmine said...

1. Name: Jasmine
Twitter: @Jasmine_97123
State I live in: Illinois

2. Dance Video Link:

3. I'm already following @DaltonIM5, @IM5Band, & @Fancalls on Twitter!

****If I win, please get all the members to follow me on Twitter! (Except for Will, cuz he already follows me :P)

Alli Ross said...

1. Allison, @AlliRoss1, Arizona

2.2. I know it's not that good and the jump looks like I can't dance but I spent hours going through each part of it and teaching myself the dance and I'm actually good when it's not late at night and I'm not sick. Sorry for the bad quality and the people talking in the back. I hope you enjoy it :) and super sorry it's 15 seconds longer then it is supposed to be!!!!!

3. yep, following them... all of them

Lillea T said...

1. Name: Lillea
Twitter: @lillea16
State: Texas
2. Some of their moves and mine :)
3. Follow all:)

Karina Mclellan said...

Hi I'm Karina
I live in California
My twitter is @jolieluvs_im5
My four numbers are 0915
I'm a HUGE fan of IM5 and I love dalton Rapattoni and I made this edit ;) And yes I'm following all of u guys ;)
- I accidently posted one of these on guest and know I can't delete it so PlEASE don't disqualify me thanks <3

Zhenelle said...

Name: Zhenelle people call me Cindyy
Twitter: @Draculas_Queen
Yes i follow everyone :)

Kendra hates you♡ said...

My name is Kendra
I live in Utah
my Twitter name is @sunn_girrl
last 4digits; 4327
I really do not dance. at all. don't throw up

Guest said...

Hi I'm Karina
I live in California
My twitter name is @jolieluvs_im5
Last 4 numbers are 0915
I'm a HUGE fan if IM5 and I love dalton ;)

paige said...

Im paige
I live in Florida
My twitter name is @paigeskittlez
Last 4 numbers: 3101
This really cool im at girl scouts
doing this under the table