Friday, October 11, 2013

B Smyth Fancalls

Attention all B Smyth Fans. B Smyth will be dropping his new EP Oct 15th and we're talking to @TheRealBSmyth LIVE on the same day. Want to talk to him?
Thank you to B Smyth and the entire #TeamBsmyth family. We had a blast talking to you tonight. If you missed it here is tonight's Fancalls with B Smyth

B Smyth has a message for the Fans!

B Smyth's thoughts on Fancalls!

B Smyth Fancalls!

Here is the original contest for B Smyth Fancalls!

If you want a chance to talk to B Smyth LIVE, here is your chance.

In the comment section below please make sure to post 
Your first name
Twitter name
The state you live in (International Fans welcome)
the last 4 digits of the phone number you will be calling from (we an only see the last 4)
You must be following @TheRealBSmyth and Fancalls on Twitter.  
Watch the video 'LETTER' Then write him a Letter using ONE line from the song that describes how you feel about him and his talent. Be creative. Your comment does not have to be long. You can use Pictures, Edits, Instagram, Vine, Youtube video, Poetry; anything you think will get your comment to stand out.

And since in this video B Smyth says "With so many pretty girls in the world how can I just pick one" If you are not chosen as a winner you can still call in, listen and possible get your call answered by B Smyth. We will answer as many calls as we can on October 15. The random calls answered will come from entries on this page by the last 4 digits of their phone number. The call in number is (646) 929-1325 and we start at 7:30pm Eastern Standard Time. We will be streaming LIVE, so you can also listen on your phone and or your computer (the link will be available on October 15) and all calls will be recorded. 
Please be in a quiet location, turn down the volume on your computer if you are also listening on your computer IF your call is answered. 

If you are chosen as a winner, your call with B Smyth will last 2 minutes. Please make sure to have your questions ready for him when he calls. This contest starts today and will end on October 14 at 9pm Eastern time. Winners will be announced on October 15 at 6pm Eastern Standard time. You must be following us on Twitter so that we can get your phone number from you. Please do not post your entire phone number in a tweet, it will not be accepted.

The hashtags to use on Twitter October 15 is #BsmythFancalls #FloridaFiles

Don't forget to listen and download B Smyth's new EP October 15!! 

Before you click the post button make sure you have all the information listed above in your comment.
Double entries (more than one comment from the same person) will disqualify you. All calls will be chosen from the entries below
If your call is answered please make sure to have your question ready for them. Good Luck to all.

***Please note you may need to refresh your browser to post your entry if many people are commenting at the same time. You do not need to recreate an account to participate or enter this contest.


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Anonymous said...

Hi I am Sandra and my twitter is

Well.I love your music and You are cute! I always wanted to go one of your concerts but I am in phoenix and I can't travel . I always wanted to .
You are like my best singer. I love the way you sing . I love the music video of twerkoholic I have a daughter and yes i am a young mother but I am happy though But i do have lots of questions but i am hope to meet you one day or go to your concerts.I love you !!!#biggestfan#fancalls#BSmyth I hope I win But anyways i love you I really want to meet you in person My birthday is on the 26 of October turning 17 OMG I wish i could hug you !!!!! I love all your songs I hope one day you come by to phoenix !!!!

Jaimie Restituyo said...

My name is jaimie