Monday, October 7, 2013

Bluff City Fancalls

Join in the excitement on Wednesday with Bluff City Fancalls!
Shout out to each and every Fan of Bluff City. Fancalls with them was a huge success! If you missed it you can listen to them below

Bluff City's Message to the Fans

Bluff City's thoughts on Fancalls

Bluff City Fancalls

Want to talk to Bluff City with us on Wednesday? Here's your chance

In the comment section below please make sure to post 
Your first name
Twitter name
The state you live in
the last 4 digits of the phone number you are calling from
AND tell us who you favorite member is. 
If you're creative enough that member might call YOU!
You must be following Bluff City and Fancalls on Twitter.  

Before you click the post button make sure you have all the information listed above in your comment.
Double entries (more than one comment from the same person) will disqualify you. All calls will be chosen from the entries below
If your call is answered please make sure to have your question ready for them. Good Luck to all.