Sunday, October 6, 2013

False Puppet Fancalls

Want a chance to talk to the entire band? Follow the directions below

Here's your chance to get your call answered by False Puppet.

Please follow the directions below.
1. Please tell us your first name
2. Tell us what your Twitter name is
3. Tell us where you live
4. Give us the last 4 digits of the phone number you will be calling from
5. Then tell us what you love most about the band and or how they inspire you.
6. You must be following @FalsePuppetBand  and @Fancalls on Twitter

Call into 646-929-1325 on Saturday at 1pm EST, 12pm Central, 10pm PST. If your time zone is not listed please shoot us a tweet using the hashtag #FalsePuppetFancalls    

Before you click the post button make sure you have all the information listed above in your comment.
Double entries (more than one comment from the same person) will disqualify you. 
Please make sure to have any questions for them ready when we answer your call.
Enjoy Fancalls!

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g3nesis said...

1. Genesis
2. twitter is @daItonrapattoni
3. Puerto Rico
4. 5851
5. I honestly love False Puppet so much because they make me happy. They make me feel like I'm actually their friend and seeing how dedicated they are it makes me love them even more. They work hard and love their fans more than anything and they're honestly just perfect.

becky wang said...

1. Becky Wang aka Becky Chicken Wang lol
2. Twitter is @itsbeckywang
3. Im from Kentucky (KenYUCKY)
4. 5485
5. I love False Puppet with everything in me. I'm so glad I found them early on in their journey because I'm getting to see how dedicated and hardworking they are to show fans what they got! They're showing me as well as so many other people that you gotta work for whatcha want and you'll get there! Also, something I'm sure all the puppeteers including myself noticed first and most was the fan interaction. I have no doubt in my mind that every single puppeteer has gotten noticed by them at some point or another. They reply to dms, they Folow back they do it all. I don't know if they really know how much one simple favorite or retweet means to us. I don't know how much more love they could show to us puppeteers and we appreciate it so much. LOVE YOU GUYS

BelmontiDraws said...

1). Hello there! I'm Allison! You can call me Akafu ^.^
2). @belmontidraws
3). Indiana, Land of Corn
4). 9758
5). I absolutely love False Puppet. They always get into their music and pour their hearts out into every song. Although I'm a new Puppeteer, within the first tweet I sent them, 2 of them followed me. I was ecstatic and I realized how much they really care about their fans. That's rare. If I could even say hello and hang up I would be the happiest girl in the world <3
6). I've been following both for a while now!

Dalton Puns said...

1.Valerie, but i'm better known as "Moon Moon" or "DRP"
2. @DaltonPuns
3. Indiana
4. 5177
5. They inspire me everyday. I want to be a writer, and no one really supports me. My parents don't like what I write, since it's never good enough for them. I don't really have any other people to support me with it, and my friends think it's weird I like to write. I love writing songs and singing them, but because of all the crap I get about my writing, i stopped sharing them. When I found FP, and listened to their songs, it gave me courage to start sharing again. Since I've found them, I've written 10+ new songs, and started posting them on my Youtube account.
6. Of course i'm following both!

Nadya said...

5.What I love most about False Pupppet is how much they are into their music. Also how much they care about their fans.
6.I follow both on twitter:)

Bree Ivan Zorrilla said...

1.) Hey, I'm Bree.
2.) Twitter: @fagattoni
3.) I live in San Francisco, California.
4.) Last Four Digits: 9467
5.) False Puppet has inspired me to stop self harm. When I listen to them when I'm upset or on the edge of self harm they make me feel 100 times better. I don't know what it is about them and there music that makes me feel so much better but it does. I now have gone 3 months without self harm and I'm proud to say that False Puppet has helped me through it and gave me the boost to stop for good. I have never felt better in my whole entire life. Thank you.
6.) I have been following both twitter for awhile now.

Haley said...

My name is Haley
And on twitter I'm @HNSensation
I live in California yay !
0778 (last digits of numbers(; )
And I just recently found out about False Puppet and I LOVE them! They have great music and they all seem so genuinely nice and I really hope to meet them :)
And I follow both on twitter already woot woot

Destiny Carlton said...

Please tell us your first name: Destiny
2. Tell us what your Twitter name is: @StayStrong4SS
3. Tell us where you live: Tennessee
4. Give us the last 4 digits of the phone number you will be calling from:7820
5. Then tell us what you love most about the band and or how they inspire you.: They're awesome boys with awesome music. They've helped me with my bad days and made my days better.
6. You must be following @FalsePuppetBand and @Fancalls on Twitter: I am :)

Shirley Zepeda said...

I am from Los Angeles California

Sue Schreiber said...

(1) Sue
(2) @boybandermama
(3) Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
(4) 0584
(5) Thise 3 boys have such incredible energy. Their music and lyrics are so inspirational. It would be an honor and privilege to speak with Tyler, Brennan and Channing!
(6) Following all!
Thank you @falsepuppetband and @fancalls for this amazing opportunity!

Destiny Carlton said...

really? :)

Karley said...

My name is Carley Hearsey
My twitter name is @5er_puppeteer
I live in British Columbia, Canada
The last four digits on my phone number are 4539
About a month ago I discovered False Puppet and my life instantly changed for the better! I love the way they interact with their fans because it shows that they not all "rock stars" aren't egotistical jerks. I have received tweets from the boys many times and just by a simple tweet you can tell that they put thought into the tweet and they really mean it. They truly love all puppeteers and I am extremely grateful to be apart of a fandom that cares and acknowledges the existence of each and every fan. If you would have asked me how I was feeling 2 weeks ago I would have said miserable, depressed or my personal favourite, "I'm fine." But now I am actually okay, They have made me the happiest person alive, drastically changing my moods. My mom has even noticed that I have been happier (she even made me tweet the boys telling them thank you for her.) Two weeks ago if you would have looked at my wrists and thighs, you would have seen fresh cut marks from the night before but, I am proud to say that I haven't cut in two weeks, because of Channing, Tyler and Brennan. Just feeling acknowledged and loved by them has helped me more than ever. And as long as I am apart of this fandom I will not harm myself. False Puppet is helping guide me down a road to changing and saving my life.

Celine said...

My name is Celine
My Twitter is LAPuppeteers
I live California
The last four digits of my number is 1200
False Puppet are such amazing people and have amazing voices. Their lyrics are so great and inspirational. I was the happiest person alive when I saw them live. Sadly my mom won't let that happen anymore :(. Anyways, they inspire me to be myself and to dream and dream big. They did and look where they are it shows me that I can do the same. I love them so much so much I made a YouTube, Twitter, and IG dedicated to them. I would be the happiest person alive if they called me.

I already follow both of you on twitter

Sarah Houghton said...

My name is Sarah
My twitter is @Heart_Attack_98
I live in California
The last four digits are 2057
False Puppet are so amazing in so many ways. They care about Puppeteers a lot and show it everyday by either tweeting them, meeting them, or sending a quick selfie. They show me that if you aren't yourself, you won't succeed. They act like themselves no matter who will judge them because they don't care what people think and I admire that. I have learned so much from these 3 incredible guys and I just want to be able to thank them...for everything they've done.
❤️thank you for this opportunity❤️

Guest said...

I'm Marisol :)

I'm @/thewavves on Twitter.

I live in Illinois.

My last four digits on my number is 2837.

False Puppet is one of the most down to earth bands I've ever heard of. They literally responded to all of the tweet they're mentioned in and that's what makes them so amazing, it's that they care about their fans. Not only are they down to earth, but they're music is just flawless. They're on my morning playlist because their music is so full of energy and it pumps me up to take on the day. Their music is the reason why I still strive to continue living and make everything unforgettable.

I followed the band account, their seperate accounts, and of course FanCalls :)

Gabii said...

My name is Gabriela. My twett name is @ZeeroGraavity . I'm from Brazil. The last 4digits of the phone number is 5016. I love False Puppet band since the first time when I listened "This is How". I love the way they love the puppeters. I CAN'T think my life without Brennan, Channing and Tyler! My heart beat really fast when I see @FalsePuppetBand on Twitter and I just can't stop thinking and talking about they all day!!! I living so far away from them, and this fancall is the thing I really need be the winner! I just need 1min with they on my phone to realize my dreams! I just love all hits from them, I LOVE SO MUCH CHANNING PEACK, and I do EVERYTHING to win this fancall. Serious, I NEED. If I win, I'll love because I just CRAZY FFALLING IN LOVE For FALSE PUPPET. I LIVING IN BRAZIL AND JUST NEED SO MUCH THIS FANCALL. LOVE YOU FALSA PUPPET! THANKS FOR EVERYTHING YOU DO TO ME! and sorry about the English. I CRAZYING NOW JUST IF A HOPE TO WIN! Thanks

Melissa Hood said...

My name is Melissa

Twitter is @MiniHood_R5

I live in Oregon

last 4 digits of my number are 7425

I absulutely love everything about False Puppet. I love their music, every song, I'm so glad i found it. They are also just amazing people. I love how much they interact with all their fans, it makes us feel so special. Their energy is fantastic, i would LOVE to see them perform live. They are so inspirational too; they are young but still managing to be in a band, write music, and play shows. This is something im trying hard to do, and they make it seem possible. <3

Mama Penguin said...

My name is Charlie
My twitter is @lilpengin
I live in Canton, New York
Last four digits are 2092
Let's just say that these boys mean everything to me. In just a months they've become so much to me. They treat me like an actual person and not just another fan. They've treated me like a friend, and I can't thank them enough for that. They're honestly wonderful, and I can't imagine my life without them in it.

Melissa said...

My name is Melissa
My twitter is @GrandMissyyMe
I live in California, a couple hours from La
Last few digits are 0008 (why is my number so easy?)
What i love the most about them? Hmm, that's tough. There's sk many reason why I love them A few of them are: The connection with their fans. They take the time to respond to them and actually build somewhat of a relationship with them, their stage presence, they're just very care free and fun which I like. It makes me wanna just let go and have the time of my life, and their music of course, i always have a false puppet song stuck in my head. They inspire me just by living their dreams, by that it makes me believe in mine. They make me feel like I can accomplish anything.

I know a lot more girls are gonna try for that call but I truly hope by some miracle that my entry stands out to you guys. It would mean a lot, thank you and to whoever you pick. CONGRATS TO THEM

Melissa said...

Hello my name is Melissa, my twitter is @DaltinaIM5, I live in Ontario Canada, the last digits are 3339. I love the boys because they aren't afraid to be who they are, I love how Brennan is crazy and paints himself, I love how Tyler is so real and not a typical boyband member, and last but not least, I love how Channing is so down to earth and rocks it on stage, talking to them would be a dream come true and I hope you consider me for a call :)

Lexi said...

My name is Lexi
My twitter is @OhMyRapattoni
I live in Tennessee
The last four digit of my number are 4060
I love False Puppet so much their music is amazing and they're following their dreams and doing what they love and that inspires me plus they are so sweet they're like the sweetest guys ever if I'm ever having a bad day or I just feel really bad no matter what's wrong with me they always manage to make me smile they just make me happy period. Like they are just so amazing ! So that is why I REALLY want to talk to them because they are just AMAZING !

always will be a 5er said...

Nabeela ariqat
San jose California
The last 4 digits are 3442
There isnt only one reason why I love false puppet theres like 50 but ill tell you three
1. There music speaks to me its up beat and they have stories behind them also there music is not just one genre it changes like sometimes its rock and sometimes its pop
2. they are not like any band I have ever seen they are dedicated to their fans they always reply to us they make us feel noticed
3.also that they are so sweet they do anything to make us feel happy I became a fan about 8 months ago it was like love at first sight My life wouldnt be the same without you guys you guys dont even know how much you guys mean to me you three guys are the second most important thing in my life (after my family) you guys are my favorite bad of all time I LOVE YOU GUYS THANK YOU FOR EVERYTHING YOU DO FOR US

Ashley Mazza said...

My name is Ashley
My twitter is @5erbabe_xoxo
I'm from Upstate New York
Last 4 digits are 3116
What I love most is their music. It's so upbeat and always has me dancing in the morning whenever I'm getting ready. I tweet them often, and they seem so nice and chill. I also try to get my friends to listen to some of their music. Their sound also reminds me of bands I listen to like Linkin Park and Blink 182, which is so awesome! It would be so cool if I won, and even if I don't, I thank you for this opportunity! Much love!

Kelly Preston said...

My name is Kelly and I live in Florida. My twitter is @kellychole . I absolutely adore False Puppet! I haven't known about them as long as some fans have but they are amazing! Coming to love them was kind of like going to dip your toe into a pool and just getting pushed in! Their music is great, all of them are super sweethearts, and I love how interactive they are with their fans! I haven't gotten the chance to see them perform live since I live so far from Cali but I am patiently waiting for my chance to come! I would do just about anything to get a call from them! Honestly if I did win though, I'd probably need life alert lol The last four digits of my number are 9809 <3

Aradia Peake Benko said...

My name is Aradia, and I live in Pennsylvania. My twitter is @AradiaLovesIM5. False Puppet is my favorite band of all time. Their music is awesome, they've got killer personalities and they are totally accessible to us fans. I would give anything to talk to all three of them. I would trade my soul, I swear it. They make me so happy on a daily basis. I support them a lot and they always notice, which helps me get through my every day. All three of these boys were introduced into my life and I couldn't be more grateful for them. My life wouldn't be the same without FP. They're so good to their fans, and that inspires me every day to be a better person. It would mean so much more to me than you know if I could talk to them. I want more than anything to tell them I love them. The last four digits of the number are 2192. Thank you so much, Fancalls.

Kelsea said...

Hi my name is Kelsea and my twitter is @Lilxkelsea and I live in California! My last four digits are 6045 and False Puppet inspires me so much!:) They pursue their passion for music and don't let people put them down. They do what they love and that inspires me to find what I love doing. Seeing them on perform on stage with a huge smile and interacting with their fans afterwards is cool and they really are a huge inspiration for me. :)

brynne forrest said...

Victoria, canada
I love how they have a certain look, but still experiment with their sound. Also, I love the strength and encouragment they give their fans.

Kelseyymarie96 said...

Kelsey, KelseyyFinn, Orange, California, 9559, What I love most about the band is that they are the sweetest guys ever and they are so talented. Their music is perfect and I love everything about it and the band. I also love how they interact with their fans everyday. Ever since I found out about False Puppet I fell in love. I fell even more in love when I saw them live on September 7, 2013. I knew right then and there that they would be one of my favorite bands and biggest inspiration.

Brynne rapattoni said...

1. Brynne
2. @kpop_5er
3. victoria, Canada
5.False puppet have helped me through so much, not only with their music, but by actually caring and be concerned for me. I can never repay them for giving me the joy and hope that they do. They gave me a reason to live when i had none.

Clarissa Abarca said...

My name is Clarissa my twitter is @_ClarissaAL
I live in Visalia, California
Last four digits of my number is 7639
The thing I love the most about False Puppet is how much they love their fans. They are constantly interacting with us and tell us all how much they love us! They inspire me to try and go for my dream of becoming a singer. I know that if I tell them that I love them and when they say it back that they truly mean it. Music has always been an important thing in my life and with this band I have only grown to love music even more. Thank you False Puppet, I'm proud to be a fan!

Aradia Peake Benko said...

I really hope it's not too late, but...

1. Aradia
2. @AradiaLovesIM5
3. Pennsylvania, USA
4. 2192
5. False Puppet is not just a band to me. To me, False Puppet is a group of boys who make me smile and brighten my day, every day. Every tweet, every picture, every DM, every song, every little thing they all brings joy to my world. The way they connect with their fans on such a personal level is amazing, it makes me feel like they truly care, which they've shown me they do. Their individual personalities inspire me to be a better person. My life would be a lot different if Tyler, Brennan and Channing weren't in it. I'm so glad I found their music and I'm even more glad they're now a part of my life. Whether I get to talk to them or not, I'll be okay, but it'd be really awesome if I got a chance to tell them myself how much they affect my life.

Thank you, Fancalls, for existing. You bring so much joy to us fans because of what you do. <3


☁️ Melissa Benko ☁️ said...

1: Melissa
2: @DaltinaIM5
3: Kitchener, Ontario
4: 3339
5: I love them because of how down to earth they are, and that they try their best to keep in touch with all their fans, another great thing that I love about them is theyre all really funny. Although I could talk about why I love them, I'd really like to say why they inspire me, they taught me that its okay to be different, and a little crazy sometimes. But most of all, they've taught we that whether or not you be yourself, people are going to hate on you, but if you have the right people with you, none of that will matter in the least.
I hope I'm picked but even if I'm not, I'll be sure to call in!

Brooklyn Willis said...

1, Brooklyn
2. @brooklynvaughns
3. California
4. 9187
5. I love False Puppet for so many reasons. Number one is because of how incredibly kind they are to their fans. I attempted to get them to come play at my high school, but it didnt work out, but they still said they would like to try again in the future. They interact with all of us on Twitter and make us feel like more than fans, more like a family. I love them because they are funny, sweet, and incredibly talented. False Puppet has inspired me to pick up the pen and start writing songs again. Even if they aren't great, all that matters is that I am trying. The my also taught me to be myself, live my own life, and that it doesn't matter what people think. False Puppet is such a great band, but more than that, they are such great people! I hope I get to talk to them, and even if I don't I'm calling in. I love you @fancalls!!

Ashley said...

1: Ashley
2: @5erbabe_xoxo
3: Rochester, New York
4: 3116
5: I love False Puppet because they always interact with their fans as much as possible. They're funny, they're sweet, and just all around awesome. Plus their music is so much fun to listen to and can always put me in a good mood no matter what. I'm so glad I started listening to them. I can't wait til I finally get to see them play in my town! Thank you!

Celine ☆ said...

1) My name is Celine
2) @PenderysBae
3) California
4) 1200

I love False Puppet because they are not like any other band. They interact with fans more, try their best to answer each and every fan on twitter, and their music is different. I met them in September of 2013 and from then on I've loved them. One thing that's so great is they are willing to do anything just for their fans. I asked if they can preform at my school and they happily said yes and also let me interview them. False puppets music is inspiring and also fun to listen to. Tyler, Brennan, and Channing are all amazing and really nice people that make up the wonderful band False puppet

Alexa Ramirez said...

My nameis Alexa
My twitter is @ImThatGirlAlexa
I'm from Montgomery, Illinois
Last 4 dijits are 2238
What I love about them is that they dont let anyone put them down, they have upbeat music that whenever im feeling down i listen to to cheer me up and them and their music are practically perfect