Monday, November 4, 2013

Win A Call from Gennis from The Wonder Broz

Wanna Win A Call from Gennis? Well here's your chance

Tell us your first name, Twitter name and state you live in then tell us why you consider yourself his #1 fan and what you love about him the most.

What you would say if you got a chance to receive a call from him. Be creative, you can use pics, Instagram video, Vine video or anything you think will make your comment stand out.

All info should be placed in the comment section below. No answers ill be accepted on Twitter. You can only enter on this page ONCE. Double entries will disqualify you so make sure you have all the information we asked for above in your comment before clicking post. You must be following us in order for us to get your phone number via DM. Good Luck to all. #CallThat


IG : _sareenaaa said...

Belleville , NJ

I first found out about Gennis when he was on tiny chat. I didn't know about tool just yet but I was on tiny chat with him and a few other people. He caught my eyes cause he was soooo freaking cute and he was funny! So ever since then I've been fan. Then that's when Chitty Chitty Bang Bang came out and I was like WHAT ?! OMG that's the boy I was on tiny chat with. Then I started a group and Gennis and Tools made me think hey if they could be a successful group so can me and my group. So we worked hard and we looked up to The Wonder Broz. Gennis is my favorite because he's just so funny and he's really sweet. So that's what I love about Gennis , hopefully one day I'll be able to meet him ! Love you Gennis

MiLaysia Bryant said...

Mi'Laysia Bryant

I would like to get a call from Gennis because I think he is really talented and he is cute. I've known the Wonder Broz before they even became "Wonder Broz" I knew them when they was called "GT" and I Loved them ever since and I'm still down with the team. Low Life movement. by the way I have Breast Cancer and m dream is to spend a day with Gennis or talk to him so if I get this call from him I would be very happy I would cry. I Like Gennis because he is real to everybody like if a girl down her self Gennis would be the one who would make her feel good about her self. I also like him because he is very talented and smart and he is very cute and funny. Gennis I Love You soo Much and Ima still Support Wonder Broz till the day I die and Ima also still support Low Life movement Cant wait till Countdown 4 comes out! #LowLife #CallThat

Ms. Taylor said...

My name is Taylor and I live in Charlotte, NC. My twitter name is @TrendyTay2Wice. I think I'm Gennis' #1 Fan for many reasons. 1) I love everything about him. He's so unique and mysterious at times. Like he's kind of a shy guy. And I think that's really, really cute. One turn on for me. 2) I love how different He is. He's crazy but in a quiet way. Like especially on IG when him and Tool had #VegasTurnUpEdition. He's just so weird. Like me! So That's another turn on. 3) I talk about Gennis ALL the time! All day every day! He's a good topic. I'm always talking about how his smile makes me smile and warm inside. His talent is amazing and I'm so glad he's expressing it through music. I don't know. He makes me feel some type of way. He's so cute! OMG his hair, smile, voice, teeth, EVERYTHING! He's so.... Wow. Man. I have No Words! His personality is so down to earth and humble. He always can make my day. Always showing me love on IG and Twitter. And that means a lot. Cause it's so unexpected. When He followed me back on twitter, I was IN TEARS. Like, you have no idea. He's so amazing in every way possible.What else is there to say? I love Gennis SO MUCH and I want him to know it! Just that I'm forever and always #TeamWonder! Living That #LowLife! Wanna tell me what they #CallThat? Oh, they call that #Ncredible! <3

♡ Shaunnie ♡ said...


Well, I been rocking with Gennis and Tool for about a good 3 and a half year now! And During this time, I idolized Gennis because he has soooo much to offer. He is soooo Fineee, He is soooo sweet, He is smart. He is just soo wise. Like over the years, i grown to be more comfortable around them mostly Gennis. I talk about gennis so much that my family always tease me they be calling me "Lil Gennis" lol. I could write a book about my love for gennis! I also learned things from both Gennis and Tool. OMG If i was to talk to him I would ask him to marry me.. lol GAWDDD I LOVE THE HECK OUT OF THAT BOY! AHHHH (sorry for my spazzing) but i cant help that! Everytime i Heard his name I go BANANAS. Every body knows Gennis is my boo! Love him so much! If i get this call imma probably scream. YASSS its about time they are doing fancalls I been tryna get them to do it for a year now! Hard work pays off, Them my boys. imma ride for them forever. #TeamWonder4Life!