Monday, November 4, 2013

Win A Call From Tool

Want to Win A Call from Tool of The Wonder Broz? Here's your chance
Tell us your first name, Twitter name and state you live in then tell us why you consider yourself his #1 fan and what you love about Tool the most.

What you would say if you got a chance to receive a call from him. Be creative, you can use pics, Instagram video, Vine video or anything you think will make your comment stand out. All info should be placed in the comment section below. No answers ill be accepted on Twitter.

You can only enter on this page ONCE. Double entries will disqualify you so make sure you have all the information we asked for above in your comment before clicking post. You must be following us in order for us to get your phone number via DM. Good Luck to all. #CallThat


Rayne4real said...

1.Aziah 2.Rayne4real 3. NJ 7846 4. Follow all 5. "Andale andale Miami ei ei uh oh". #1 fan because I'm been with Team Wonder since day 1 and I grown up with them. I have so much repsoext for the both of them but I am a Tool girl and I can't help it. Every time I hear his name or voice I spaz out. My mom and dad makes fun of me for it. But Toll is my everything there's nothing about him that I don't like I can go days upon days just talking about him (its pretty bad). I made a list that sis my boyfriends and the only one that was on there was Tool and I told my cuskn that she wasn't allowed to like him cuz he was my future boyfriend ( he doesn't need to know about that). If I could tell him something it would be about how much I love and adore home so much. Then again I don't know if I would be able to talk cuz I'll probably end up crying in the middle of my sentence. (OMG I CANT THANK YOU ENOUGH FOR DOJ D THIS HE IS SO GEORGOUS UH I CANT.. I JUST CANT AHH) Oh and I can't forget about his smile... omg his smile just makes my heart melt and uh I can't even go there but that's all I can say...I'm speechless he's just so perfect to me.

just be me leah said...

1.Kaleah 2.just be meh leah 3.Philly,PA 4.i consider myself as Tool's#1 fan bcuz ive loved WonderBroz since the first time I ever heard them on youtube an I was lyk wow they can sing n they r cute so that's y I consider myself 2 b Tools #1 fan 5.What I love about Tool the most is I love everything about him his smile, looks, personality, braids, he's jus so perfect 2 meh n I love him so much n wen ever I hear his voice my heart jus beats so fast n he means so much 2 meh so dats all I hav 2 say bye #TeamTool, #TeamWonder

Ronisha said...

My name is Ronisha twitter is @b5lover247 and I live in Texas. I'm Tool's #1 fan because I love him so much I know when his birthday is and I've been with Wonder Broz since day one :) I love Gennis but I love Tool more. What I love about Tool the most is that he is so dedicated to the Wonder Broz, he's a cool dude, his personality, he's cute, he's "Tool i'm still that dude" he's that awesome dude that never changes. I just love Tool :)

Sarah said...

Hi my name is Sarah My twitter name is MindlessRoc16 I live in Glendale Arizona I'm Tool #1 fan because I love him so much, he also love his fans I seen him on YouTube for the first time and I just fell In love with him .What I love about Tool is everything if I ever meet him I don't know what I will do.

Kiara said...

My name is Kiara, my twitter name is Kiara_Janay_1, and I live in New Jersey. I consider myself Tool’s number one fan for multiple reasons, but the top 3 are that I talk about him nonstop to my friends, I made a Mrs. Castle button with a collage of his pictures on it in Graphic Design class, and his verse in Call That is my ringtone. I love Tool so much so it’s hard to single out what I love the most about him. I could go on for days about why and how much I love him. He’s just so down to earth and really funny. His personality is amazing. His hard work and dedication to music and dance is incredible. I wish there were guys like him. His smile brightens up my day and just thinking about him makes me smile. When I’m having a bad day, I watch one of my favorite Wonder World episodes & he cheers me up and I even forget what I’m mad about. He gives off this really cool and positive vibe that makes him seem so fun to be around. And do not get me started with his dancing. Tool is crazy talented and my love for him grows more and more every day. I don’t think my love for him is healthy at all.

sunny weather said...

Fav verse: you Poppin tonight all you need is some me in ya life I'm young and fun and I can treat you right;) Luv it!
Followed all ✅
I really want a fan call because I'm a true fan even though I didn't know them when they were younger I caught up always updated never miss a day, I get my friends and other to follow them I share them and everybody knows I like tool I talk about him everyday and my parents get irritated and I got in trouble once and if I get a call I would be so happy I would probably cry but I would say the craziest thing I did was 1 got him on my binder 2. Lay on my binder acting like its him 3. Literally put his name on a piece of paper and slide it under my pillow and expect to have a dream. It's so bad my dad wouldn't let me meet them :(
Downloaded ✅
Ringtone ✅
#TeamWonder #lowlife #toolie

• løω lιŦε 2013 ™ ♛ said...

brooklyn .
I believe I am tool's #1 fan for many reasons . Let me just say I've beeen apart of team wonder since 2010 and I was here when they were even named gt group that had the single chitty chitty . fell in love from the moment I seen tool on 106 & park when they came out with chitty chitty. I love every song wonderbroz has ever came out with. They're just amazing and dope. Well back to tool. I love his bubbly personality . He just seems so chill and down to earth, and when its time to get to work he's serious . I've never met him but I wish too . He's anamazing dancer . I remember that dougieing video on YouTube . Lol I really know a lot about him if that's not weird lol. And I love his mom's name Ms nekaya. I think we are similar lol ... take a look . and I also made a mini ig video of his rap in #callthat 👉👉👉 . I reallly hope you think I am tool's #1 fan. This call would really be something I would never forget . Thanks for even giving me thief opportunity to win a call 😊😊😊😊 . PS I LOVEEEE HIM SO MUCH