Monday, December 2, 2013

Ben J Fancalls

Talk to Ben J on Fancalls December 6

Ben J returns to Fancalls on December 6 to talk to his fans! With the recent release of his official statement that The New Boyz were going their separate ways...Read an excerpt from his statement below:

"To all of our fans and everyone that has supported The New Boyz from day one, I wanna sincerely thank you, it’s because of your loyalty and support that two young men from California were given the opportunity to reach millions of people around the world with our music and swag.  We coined the term "Turn Up", made it cool for dudes to rock skinny jeans, and still got the whole world jerkin. Our videos stayed getting millions and millions of views (You're a Jerk: Over 63,585,019 views, Better With The Lights Off ft Chris Brown: Over 18,451,335 views, Tie Me Down ft Ray J: Over 11,883,795 views, Backseat ft Cataracs & Dev: Over 14,648,794 views, Cricketz ft Tyga: Over 10,042,899 views, and countless others.

Other accomplishments include four platinum and three gold records, we also brought back the 80's style with the bright colors and skinny jeans; for which we took all the heat about how it wasn't acceptable and once  we brushed it off our shoulders; people stopped dissing it and started hopping on the trend. We came into the industry, staying true to who were as artists, just like NWA, Jay Z, and Ice Cube. Being original was what people did back in the day and it almost made me feel like people forgot how live and be creative like they were in their younger days. Now folks are all dull now and too worried about being cool for these women.

The New Boyz didn’t really get any recognition for what we started in 2009, that’s still super dope today, and our stamp on the music industry is visible in so many of today’s top selling artists; most of them wearing skinny jeans. Some like to call it a Skinny fit and some people call it fitted, so it won't sound like what it actually is; a skinny swag. My skinny jeans are actually fitted cause I'm a skinny guy (lol), so I personally like my jeans to feel like this 100. The world needs to know that The New Boyz started this movement in fashion. We were never on that college swag, we was on that high school; fun skater look. People were so bland and normal when we came into the game, we wanted to put our own lil mix to what we were wearing, and rock the bright colors and cool haircuts with snap backs. Our You're a Jerk video  even ranked at #2 on BET's Notarized: Top 300 Videos of 2011 countdown; so it goes without saying that The New Boyz was a great experience that will have a lasting imprint in American music history. But after sharing our talents as a duo we decided that we would work on solo projects. There’s no bad blood and no beef; sometimes life just presents a new chapter to ya, and transitions are mandatory part of that stage in life. I support my bro Legacy in all that he does, and honestly look forward to the day that we’re both sitting front row at the award shows; getting nominated for best new artist.

I wanted to share this letter with our fans because I feel like they have the right to know. Our fan base is massive and has held us down and supported our movement, and felt it was time remind the world of the impact that The New Boyz made in music and in fashion culture, and props are definitely due.  I will   continue my career in music, always keeping God first.  I don't say I'm lucky, I say that I'm blessed, and I’m really thankful for all of my amazing fans and for the opportunity that was given to me. I love everyone, and I’ve got so much coming soon. In the meantime; check out my new mixtape #TD4W (available online), and purchase my new line of watches; 100 watches ( Anyone else interested in wanting to know more can contact my publicist (Cj Carter:@IamCjCarter); as this letter is exclusively for the fans”

Ben J"

HIs complete statement can be found here

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Fvck_MyMindless said...

What are your favorite places to hang out at in California ?

AnnRene Nachwa said...

AnnRene Nachwa
London, UK 5740
4) How was it like creating a whole mixtape as a solo artist, will there hopefully be a reunion for newboyz?

MyZone said...

First Name : martinique
Twitter Name : The_Confident_1
State : Washington DC
Last 4 Digits : 4859

My Question for Benj is : If u can do a track with any artist that u haven't work with yet who would it be?

#B5InJamaica said...

Kingston, Jamaica (9929)
My Question To Ben J: I'd like to know what kept you motivated over all these years while you were a NewBoyz member?

#B5InJamaica said...

Just a note to all the fans out there... PLEASE y'all need to follow @Fancalls and also support them. Don't just follow them and then unfollow whenever you get the chance to talk to your celebrity. Fancalls is here to make your dreams come through. My BIGGEST dream came through and I'm forever thankful. It doesn't matter wherever you are. Fancalls is here for you.. Verified by fans not Twitter.. Follow @FanCalls #Love #Amber #MissE

♡ Shaunnie ♡ said...

IL 0041
So Ben, If you could change one thing about yourself to be a better person what would u change?

tiffany said...



Texas 7308

What are your best memories from the New Boyz, besides changing the whole rap world with y'alls music and wardrobe?

tasia marcel said...

what do you think is the most unique thing about you that's going to separate you from other artists?

royz_cbe said...

Sydney (australia)
If you had the chance to go back to any music decade what would it be & why?

Didi #Fx$ said...

Maputo, (Mozambique),
How has your life changed since the New Boyz' separation?

SweetCaroline said...

What is one thing a fan has said or done that has really caught your attention in a positive way?

disqus_cGg4J9xYnj said...

would you ever reconsidering signing an underground artist to your record label?

.GetRichOrDieTryin'! said...

France; 4003
Just wanna talk w/ him because i wanna know when he come back in Paris.