Friday, December 6, 2013

The Group NEXT Fancalls

We had a great time on Fancalls with The Group NEXT! I mean a really really good time. This was by far the best #RnB group Fancalls we have done. They spoke to fans from Chicago, DC, France and New Jersey. Listen to their Fancalls where they tell us who the 'Bad Boy' and 'Playboys' are in the group, what the craziest thing a fan has ever done and Interracial Dating.

They had no problem breaking into song for the fans and in fact sang several times during this #Fancalls! Listen to what they had to say to 'Ashley' from New Jersey when she told them she has been battling Cancer for the last year.  This #Fancalls became a family affair when @DJKidFresh (NEXT's official DJ & featured member of the group) and manager @Doc221ent were on the line.

Doc said it best when he said "We have love for every group out there but every group out there must be aware because this is a sport and we are coming for the ring. That's basically the goal that we all have. We want to be able to showcase what it is that the group does at the highest level and they are all focused in achieving that goal."

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NEXT Backstage and Live Performance @thegroupNEXT

The Group NEXT' Thoughts on Fancalls!

We can't wait until the completion and release of THE NEXT CHAPTER and as they put it 
"The Next Chapter: A meal worth waiting for"