Sunday, April 6, 2014

Chase Goehring Surprise Calls

Two fans of Chase Goehring were surprised yesterday. They had no idea that he would be on the phone. Listen to their reactions.

We were so happy to connect with Chase Goehring and surprise two fans yesterday. We called one fan in England, her name is Aislin

and one in Canada named Madi.

Thank you to Chase Goehring for making time yesterday to surprise his fans and thank you to Aislin and Madi for being so cool! Surprise!

How would you reaction if Chase called you? Stay tuned. We will announce a date for Chase to talk to more fans on Fancalls soon.

Listen to their reactions when they realize that Chase is on the line.

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Brittany Anderson said...

It would mean the world and so much more if I could speak with Chase for even thirty seconds. I just want to thank him for how much he has done for me and how much he has inspired me and helped me through a lot I've gone through and all the struggles and problems I've faced, because his music always helped me find the positives in life and he has helped me create a better relationship with God and how to love myself again, to know I'm worthy and beautiful. I needed somebody in my life to inspire me back in September, and seeing him on the X Factor and being booted off, and still trying to reach his dreams had really made a huge impact on me and helped me realize what I wanted, what my goals and dreams were. I truly love him so much and he has helped me through a lot, I just want to give back by saying thank you and so much more(: Twitter>>> @Chaser_4ever29