Monday, April 7, 2014

Tone Stith Fancalls

Tone Stith got alot of love of Fancalls. He talked to some of his day one fans AND got some new too. Did you talk to him?

It was perfectly clear to the fans on March 7 that the talent was REAL. There are two words we would use to describe Tone: Flawless and FIONE! Tone's voice is impecable. From mid range to high notes Tone takes you to place where only Ice Cold water and an inhaler can help you to recover. With songs like Jealous Type and his R n B cover to Justin Bieber's All That Matters; Tone has proven that RnB is alive and well living in New Jersey. Listen to fan reactions when they got a chance to talk to him on Fancalls. Also after listening to his Fancalls check out his two videos below.