Saturday, April 5, 2014

Veronica Bravo Fancalls

Coming to Fancalls Saturday April 12 Veronica Bravo
Veronica Bravo is a beautiful singer from Perth who was originally seen on X Factor Australia. She living her dreams and she is talking to her fans LIVE on Fancalls Saturday April 12 at 11am est/10am c/8am pst and the call in number is 646-929-1325. Want to talk to her? In the comment section below post your first name, your Twitter name and what state/ country you live. Also please tell us what you love about Veronica. She will not be able to get to every call but, she will be taking your calls for 30 minutes on Saturday. Please make sure you are following Veronica and Fancalls on Twitter

Her new single 'Warning Sign' is now available on iTunes, you can download it here

We had a great time with Veronica and can't wait to get her back again on Fancalls. If you missed it you can hear it below. Enjoy!!

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Jasmine said...

Washington, USA
There are many reasons why I love Veronica, but the main reason is she's very inspirational. She's taught me is okay to be different and I'm beautiful in my own way. She's always remind us (fans) that we're beautiful and takes her time to talk to us on Twitter. I love her so much. Veronica is one of the reasons why I'm staying strong.

Elle said...

London, England
Basically I love Veronica so much, she is my inspiration, and if I'm ever feeling down, she makes me feel better. She is just so damn down to earth, she's hilarious, smart and classy and she is everything I aspire to be, I wish I could thank her for all she has done for me and I would love the chance to talk to her, she has always looked out for her fans and she is honestly the best. I have been her fan for a very long time now and getting to talk to her over fan calls would be amazing, she has stayed strong through everything that shes had thrown at her and its taught me to stay strong and not let anyone drag you down. She is just perfect in every way and I love her heaps(:

Leanne said...

@ LeanneLeaTay
New York

Leanne said...

Oh whoops forgot something lol, I love how she's so nice and caring and down to earth especially how she treats her fans



Veronica is the absolute most inspiring person ever! She has changed my life , I lie he personality , voice , and everything about her! I wish I had an older sister like eronica! I would love to talk to her! Xoxoxo I-liz

Lorin mckewin said...


The reason why I love Veronica is because of how much love she has for the world. She is my Inspiration. When I'm done just seeing that smile of hers brings me back up. She was there for me through a difficult time I still have all the DMs between us. I was in depression and she was there for me when I felt like no one else was and I love her so much for that. Can't ask for a better idol. When I first saw her on the xfactor floor I fell inlove with her voice and I was one of her bravos then when I got to know her even more my love her grew bigger because how caring she is and how much love she has in her heart. About a year ago I tweeted her asking what her dream was and she said to sell out Madison square garden and help out people who are less forunate then other and after that I loved her more and I'm never gonna leave her, I'm always gonna be here to support her through everything through all her ups and downs and make her dream became a reality once a bravos always a bravos I love you so much

Nicole Couceiro said...

Florida, USA
I love how she tries her hardest to make dreams come true and she never gave up. This is truly inspiring to me and I know she'll go really far in life.

Vicky said...

Vicky @yohomeandaway and Australia Victoria, I love how genuine and down to earth she is!!