Saturday, April 5, 2014

Zac Taylor Fancalls

Zac Taylor will be talking to his fans on Wednesday April 9 at 7pm est

Zac Taylor is a young inspiring singer. He was born and raised in West Palm Beach, FL. Zac has been singing since the age of 7 years old. He joined his school chorus and realized that he loved to sing. As Zac got older he realized that he had a really good voice and was one of the best in his chorus class. Zac started putting up videos on Youtube when he was about 16 years old and has continued to do that since. Now as an artist of BMAB Records he has taken his career to a completely different level. His new single 'Cloud 9' is available on iTunes, you can download it here. You can also go to his website to learn more about him.

Zac will be taking your calls on Wednesday April 9 at 7pm est/6pm c/4pm pst. 
Do you want to ask Zac a question? Please post your first name, Twitter name and state/country you live in below in the comment section. Tell us what you think about his new single and what you think makes Zac different than other artists. The most creative answer will receive a call from Zac on Wednesday during Fancalls. He will also be taking your calls for 30 minutes (646-929-1325). Each call answered will have 2 minutes  to talk to him so please have your ONE question ready. Please make sure you are following Zac and Fancalls on Twitter. Good luck to all.
Zac Taylor Fancalls

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Emma said...

My twitter name is @emma_burns316 and I live In Canada. I think Zacs new single is so different than other songs and it is super catchy. Zac Is different in all different ways. His music taste and the music he sings just makes me wanna dance. I love listening to his music and I would love to be able to talk to him on the phone! :)

Angelisa said...

My name is Angelisa and my twitter name is @ChasingMoran and I live in WI/USA. His new single is awesome! It makes me want to sing along and dance like no one's watching! It's the most unique song I've heard in quite a while. Zac is so different than many other artists. He's creative and very down to Earth. The thing that makes him the most different is that he truly cares about his fans. He's constantly trying to communicate with them and always lets them know how much he appreciates them. I've been a fan of him since the beginning and I'm happy to say that a small friendship has grown between the two of us. Just being able to talk on the phone with him would make my entire day.

Sana said...

Hey, idk why i'm doing this! Oh yeah my sister wants a call from the dude soo could you? I think she's crazy about him :/ It's weird she's only 13!