Thursday, May 22, 2014

South Six 5 Fancalls

What a great time we had with South Six 5 on Fancalls!!

South Six 5 (SS5) is a young, highly-talented, acoustic duo that has consistently performed throughout the Indianapolis area with over 200 shows the past three years. In the spring of 2011, SS5 began with four talented teen musicians from the Southside of Indy. Since then, they have performed (either as a band or an acoustic duo) all over Indianapolis, including the Miracle Ride, WAMM Fest, Radio Disney events, Relay for Life events, 500 Festival Mini Marathon, and the Indiana State Fair. SS5 has also performed at numerous colleges including Purdue University, Indiana University, and Ohio State. They have been highlighted in the Indianapolis Star, SOUTH Magazine, and the Daily Journal. 
We had a great time talking with Jacob and Andrew from South Six 5 and we can't wait to get them back on Fancalls again soon. Did you get a chance to talk to them or did you miss it. Either way check out #SouthSix5Fancalls right here.